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  1. ElliotJ

    Extremely Fast WordPress with Redis Cache

    Cheers for the additional info eva2000 :) I'd never really benchmarked it against anything else in a technical way, besides 'well, this feels faster' testing. It's eyeopening to see how (relatively) slow it is compared with other methods. Perhaps putting the extra 30 minutes in for a faster...
  2. ElliotJ

    FiOS customer discovers the limits of

    Crap, and I thought I downloaded a lot. I have had letters, but nothing threatening to disconnect me.
  3. ElliotJ

    Extremely Fast WordPress with Redis Cache

    I'm using it across the network if you want a peak around. If you view the source of any page at the bottom it should indicate how fast the page was generated. It speeds up the page generation aspect of speeding a WordPress site up. It's not an alternative for a CDN - You can use...
  4. ElliotJ

    Extremely Fast WordPress with Redis Cache

    Hey everyone. Thought I should share this method of speeding WordPress up dramatically without much configuration. This is the caching method used over at Gatsby and any WordPress based client sites I maintain. As the cache is in-memory, it handles surges of traffic very well. Want to see how...
  5. ElliotJ

    Some strong words from none other than LowEndAdmin

    Here's how I personally read it: Joel was given the site on the idea that the community would be in 'good hands'; not controlled by a corporation. This may have been true initially, the monetary potential had not been truly shown, and Joel's intentions may have truly been good. Shortly...
  6. ElliotJ

    How To Contact Support, Properly.

    Thanks for the feedback guys! I've added reading the ToS as it's been mentioned a couple times.
  7. ElliotJ

    Any mirrors needed?

    This was a few months ago when I had a few high-bandwidth servers free, awaiting cancellation. The particular server I was mirroring Tails on was unmetered, so the extent of bandwidth monitoring for it was minimal; I'd certainly expect about 5TB bandwidth for peak times (new releases) If...
  8. ElliotJ

    How To Contact Support, Properly.

    Also clients spending $3 generally need more hand-holding than those spending significantly more :(
  9. ElliotJ

    Any mirrors needed?

    Keep up with new releases, you can always seed ISOs to contribute to the initial surge. Tails is always looking for a few more web/bittorrent mirrors, especially outside of the EU. When I've been mirroring, it's reached 40MB/sec for hours at a time. Also, consider running a Tor Relay if you...
  10. ElliotJ

    How To Contact Support, Properly.

    Many a time we've seen threads arise due to 'poor support' and slow turnaround times. Whilst there's the unavoidable fact that the provider can be slow to respond, it's always a good idea to make their understanding of your problems as clear as possible. Keep the upper hand by giving them all...
  11. ElliotJ

    I am NOT an Italian citizen... (ccTLD trustee services thread)

    Sounds about right, it's been opened up to EU residents recently. offers a trustee service, might be worth looking into - They also offer fairly cheap .io domain names.
  12. ElliotJ

    Colocrossing / ChicagoVPS / Lowendtalk / Lowendbox the dump

    If anything it makes more sense, it's Vanilla's exploits which largely contributed to the LET fallout. If Vanilla can handle the security aspect via their hosted service, then so be it. Consider the situation from CC's point of view - The longer it's offline, the harder it is for them to...
  13. ElliotJ

    Dirt cheap domains - EU/PW/DE/MX

    You should probably also mention that residence within the European Union is required for .EU domain names, at least in their whois. That can quite easily be evaded by using the SwissPost's free online postbox :)
  14. ElliotJ

    Post your desktop!

    It makes a lot more sense for me to just show my desk's top :P MacBook Air powering the right monitor, an additional laptop being suspended underneath the desk powering the left monitor. The Mac is acting as the 'server' with Synergy, sharing keyboard/mouse with...
  15. ElliotJ

    KVM/Xen/VMware in Scandinavia

    Indeed, they backhaul a lot of their bandwidth through Sweden these days so the latency is fairly unnoticeable. Have a look at Glesys and CityCloud, they have fairly good reputations. 
  16. ElliotJ

    Untapped locations?

    The Middle-East - Okay, I accept that certain countries may have legal systems that could make things a lil' difficult, but surely Israel might be possible? India - Huge population, very few offers that have actually lasted.
  17. ElliotJ

    Liam says...

    $100, per week? Month? Overall?