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  1. acd

    What's in your computer junk?

    Looking for an SFF-8087 cable, found this instead. Antediluvian IDE disk? I wonder what's on it. Fortunately, I found a Promise IDE host adapter with it, but alas, no cable. What random computer bits do you have lying around you should have tossed long ago?
  2. acd

    Best practices for managing ipsec config?

    I have near on two dozen ipsec endpoints that are pretty much interconnected n-way with some exceptions. I have a file on each endpoint that has IP pairs, local & remote, from which a script generates an /etc/ipsec-tools.conf and /etc/racoon/racoon.conf using templates when those services...
  3. acd

    Request: Verified Providers link to your site(s)

    Hi folks, This isn't really an issue for most providers on the site, but for you new ladies and gents who are marked as verified providers, could you include a link to the service(s) you are affiliated with somewhere in preferably your signature but alternately your profile, and, if possible...
  4. acd


    Provider: FAPVPS Plan: KVM 2GB VPS Normal Price: 20 USD/month Location: Dacentec, Lenoir, NC. Received: 2013-06-23   Full disclosure, I received this VM gratis. I realize at 20 USD/month it's not a typical low-end review but it's what I was given to play around with.   /proc/cpuinfo...
  5. acd

    This post made me laugh: l00k1ng for phr33 VPS plezze!

    Best post. Thanks GVH-Jon for some laughs.
  6. acd

    Statistics and logging

    I was talking to Fran this evening about statistics and logging for his ... pony... thing and we discussed some of the technical problems involved and solutions thereof; right now, he's considering a custom solution and I suggested building it off a nosql solution like leveldb. A major issue is...