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  1. Dylan

    OVH intends to ruin the hosting industry.

    Totally a Klaba family business, even. They're the only owners and he's the chairman of the board. The CEO is accountable to Octave. It's just that now he gets to spend more time on the stuff he wants to focus on (tech) and less on the stuff he doesn't (business).
  2. Dylan

    vpsboard software getting even more annoying

    I'm not entirely sold on the new unread content page either, though it's much more tolerable if you switch it to condensed view (see the pic). @MannDude I don't know if you can make condensed the default but that might stem a lot of complaints.
  3. Dylan

    VPNBRO.COM $2/mo VPN / unmetered bandwidth / INSTANT SETUP!

    Also the Twitter button on VPNBro points to...
  4. Dylan

    VPNBRO.COM $2/mo VPN / unmetered bandwidth / INSTANT SETUP!

    Oh, don't get me wrong -- I have no problem with fan art. Nor does Valve, the creator of that character: But, you know, creating fan art and stealing fan art are two different things, plus this is of course commercial use.
  5. Dylan

    VPNBRO.COM $2/mo VPN / unmetered bandwidth / INSTANT SETUP!

    I like how your logo is fan art (of a copyrighted character) stolen from DeviantArt. A++ sleaziness!
  6. Dylan

    DigitalOcean Unveil Floating IPs

    That's only if you reserve an IP but don't use it. As long as the IP is pointing to a droplet it's completely free, and I think that's a pretty darn good deal. You're basically getting two IPs per droplet now at no additional cost. I assume the high price on unused IPs is to discourage people...
  7. Dylan

    OVH/Runabove launches arm64 servers for testing

    At the moment it's a super-limited 100-person test that filled up right away. You can't sign up now.
  8. Dylan

    €1,99 dedicated server

    Just to clarify, I was the recipient of one of their guaranteed bandwidth alert messages and that's not exactly how they handle it. They ask you to either limit your bandwidth usage yourself or subscribe to their €79.99/month "higher bandwidth" add-on. If you won't do either, they'll limit the...
  9. Dylan

    Questions about SSL Test

    This isn't an issue as in "it's not allowed" or "it's insecure." It's technically fine to include the root, but the extra, redundant certificate increases handshake latency. Some people care about eking out every possible bit of performance; if you don't, you can safely ignore that message...
  10. Dylan Moderator Meltdown

    Do people honestly not remember that Spirit was one of the biggest drama llamas on LET back before he was made an admin? He was so confrontational and unpleasant. I was absolutely shocked when he was made an admin. Maarten said on LET that Spirit was complaining a lot on other accounts, and I...
  11. Dylan

    What country is best for free speech laws?

    Iceland has strong hate speech laws. Not a good idea if the content is, as you seem to be hinting, far-right. Same goes for most European and Latin American countries. For far-right speech, the US truly is your best option. Privacy's an issue, sure, but the protection of hateful speech is most...
  12. Dylan

    Oracle tells its customers to stop analyzing its code

    The same way they've always generated their revenue: enterprise software like RDBMS and Fusion.
  13. Dylan

    Help me with my WiFi speeds

    Yeah, what wireless router do you have? Without knowing that, it's hard to give good advice. Different routers have vastly different wireless performance -- some great, some terrible. If yours is one with inherently poor performance, then your solution may be as simple as getting a better...
  14. Dylan

    Selling some Google Apps Domains

    How, exactly, will you take care of it? Do you work for Google?
  15. Dylan

    BoltVM Gives Customers 30 Minutes Notice Of IP Address Changes

    Hate to break this to you, but your business is not actually doing well if you don't have at least a $1,200 cash reserve.
  16. Dylan

    Reliable Domain Registrar

    I'm curious, what makes you say NameCheap has better security than NameSilo?
  17. Dylan

    Charter Cable to Buy Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks

    At least a duopoly is better than a monopoly, I guess? Maybe, hopefully, the existence of a true rival might force Comcast to improve. Charter is definitely terrible, but of the cable companies they're the least worst.
  18. Dylan

    Usernames used by people here

    This is a myth, by the way. It's much easier to get to good credit from no credit than it is from bad credit.
  19. Dylan

    View New Forum Content Broken?

    That got selected for me somehow too a while ago and it confused the bejesus out of me for at least a week. I'm absolutely certain I never set it myself.
  20. Dylan

    GreenValueHost / GVH and HostNun banned for operating shill ring

    Nice, perhaps, but let's be honest here: a smart businessperson would not have entangled their company with GVH in the first place.