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  1. LusoVPS

    OpenVZ VPS + /64 or /112 IPv6

    We havet this solution working (the /112 block) but it's xen, not OpenVZ. I cannot tell you how to do it on ovz since I've never dealt with.
  2. LusoVPS

    Do you prefer a Gbit VPS with limited Bandwidth or a 100Mbit unmetered VPS?

    Well, I haven't heard this for quite some time. It always makes me laugh. Great song! On topic, I would prefer a 1Gbit with traffic limit.
  3. LusoVPS

    List of community links.

    Can you explain to me what does the is? It looks like some sort of an avatar that dances when I like the music. It reminds me of second life.
  4. LusoVPS

    Problems with WiFi

    Are you sitting on a cable/adsl/other? The contention ratio on a cable connection can hit the 200:1. On adsl these values are much lower but still exist, of course. Or maybe, as someone said previously, there are too many wireless networks available? Give it a try a connect by cable and...
  5. LusoVPS

    Analysis of LowendBox Offer Tags

    I enjoy reading the deadpools.  :D
  6. LusoVPS

    best way to imperment gre?

    try to ping If that works, then you have a problem with the DNS resolution.
  7. LusoVPS

    Thinking about not using paypal.

    I agree. Even if maxmind doesn't detect this, we do make a manual validation on every payment/order to avoid abuse at max.
  8. LusoVPS

    KernelCare - Rebootless Kernel Updates

    Well, redhat does support this for I don't know how long (at least 3 years?). But it's quite nice that they're applying it to other distros.
  9. LusoVPS

    [LusoVPS] VPS USA West Cost - VPN, Blog, Radio Server, Teamspeak, etc - 4€

    Hi,   Perfect for a VPN (we have tun/tap already enabled by default), radio server, webserver, blog, anything! This package will start with the following setup, both Paravirtualized and HVM:   CPU: 1xIntel E5-2620 @2.0GHz Ram: 256MB Dedicated Swap: 256MB Swap HDD: 10GB (Hardware Raid 10...
  10. LusoVPS

    Anyone want to test a VPS?

    Good luck with that. We've had a server there. The quarantine time went just fine (before putting up a server under production on a new DC, we have a procedure to get 1 server running heavy processing for an entire month). After putting up the server in production, there were several network...
  11. LusoVPS

    Who prints VPS welcome e-mails?

    It's quite frustrating when a customer asks us a question that's answered on the first email. Maybe the password shouldn't be on the top of the email, but instead on the end, so that the customer is forced to read the entire email :) But answering OP, no, I don't print out the welcome emails. I...
  12. LusoVPS

    DDoS-for-hire service is legal and even lets FBI peek in, says a guy with an attorney

    DDoS attacks are quite a funny subject. I wouldn't make it legal though. As said by jarland, there are many "man in the middle" to get a DDoS working (or the internet, for that matter).
  13. LusoVPS

    FiOS customer discovers the limits of

    77TB is quite a lot traffic. I would say that my total bandwidth usage (considering every place that I logon) would sum up to around 200GB. Regards
  14. LusoVPS

    Whats your backup plan for production sites?

    I do Hourly database backups. The files from www are backed up every month, after all, these are static files. Regards
  15. LusoVPS

    Stallion 2 - pictures and daily updates :)

    Ok then. I'll wait for any further development on this. Congrats!
  16. LusoVPS

    25.1gb/s attack incoming flood - advice?

    64Gb? What kind of haters do you have there?
  17. LusoVPS

    My VPN IP requires me to type a CAPTCHA code to use Google search.

    Yeah, I've had this problem too on a few VPN servers I've used. The best explanation I've come up with was that there are IP blocks marked as "dedicated server" IP Addresses. So, if this is a dedicated server, it's most likely that the traffic coming from those servers is just junk. Google...
  18. LusoVPS

    Stallion 2 - pictures and daily updates :)

    Francisco, have you already decided if you're going to sell this?
  19. LusoVPS

    DDoS Protection

    Those prices on DDoS protection from iz are very low. 10Gbps or 10Mpps? Wow.... I wouldn't put my money on them just because of the price.
  20. LusoVPS

    What would you pay monthly for this?

    Well I would go a little bit lower, from $45 to $60. At this time, 100Mbps just isn't enough, even though it's unmetered. Regards