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  1. dave

    Seagate faces class-action lawsuit over 3TB hard drive failure rates

    I have 4 of the Seagate 3tb drives.  Two were returned under warranty after dying in less than a year.  Right now, 3 of the 4 are dead (including the replacements).  No longer under warranty.  The 4th is on it's last leg. The warranty return process was really easy, but now they're out of...
  2. dave

    Alternative Phone OS Users?

    Just upgraded from Symbian to Windows Phone 8.1.  I'll update to Windows 10 when it's available (out of beta).
  3. dave

    What software should I use to rip DVDs

    I've been using AnyDVD HD for years, for both DVDs and Blu-Ray.  Works great, but not free.  Looks like it's about $106 now (close to what I paid for it in 2010). I ripped all my DVDs and Blu-Rays and then processed them with HandBrake into x264 mkv files and put them on a network share.  It...
  4. dave

    Do you use a VPN for your normal internet browsing?

    I do use VPN for normal browsing and almost everything, except certain services and online shopping where they'd expect my home IP address. Network connectivity/routing is usually better through the VPN for me.  Some routes perform better than others, so I use a VPN that has the best routing...
  5. dave

    Crissic has been acquired by Quadranet

    I've got 2 Crissic VPSs (Florida & Los Angeles) that I use a lot.  Do you think they'll allow existing customers to renew services at the same prices?  Does anybody have a service expiring soon that they'll be trying to renew? My next renewal doesn't come until March and the other one I just...
  6. dave

    Mobile VOIP solutions?

    Your Obihai devices should still work with Google Voice, if you want to use them.  They might need firmware updates, but the phase-out was a false alarm.  I think Obihai updated them to work with oauth.
  7. dave

    Mobile VOIP solutions?

    I've used Callcentric for years, and can recommend them.  You can use them with an ATA, IP phone, softphone, and they have an app you can use with a cellphone as well.
  8. dave

    Mozilla announces the death of unencrypted HTTP

    Not everything needs to be encrypted, and websites are faster without it.  What they're doing is lame.
  9. dave


    I use bitpay all the time as a customer paying for goods or services.  They don't add any fees, though they probably make a little on the spread between the buy/sell price.
  10. dave

    Does your computer ever sleep?

    The computer stays on all the time.  I just turn the monitor off at night or if I'm going out. It's uploading weather data 24/7, and I'm often playlatering some show or movie, or encoding video with Handbrake. I also have secondary rsync backups that backup all my servers to my home in the...
  11. dave

    For those of you using GMail, how often do you backup your mailbox?

    My gmail is forwarded to my main email account and deleted.  I don't like to keep any email on servers;  I keep it and back it up locally.
  12. dave

    vpsBoard Top Providers of 2014 voting.

    SecureDragon - 5 points
  13. dave

    The Pirate Bay Raided By Police, Site Down

    You can get PlayOn & PlayLater and record the movies and shows off Netflix and Hulu, and other streaming sites.  Then you can watch it whenever you want, even if it gets pulled off later. There's also and similar dns services, so you can watch from multiple different regions (with...
  14. dave

    Anyone here operating their own personal weather station?

    I've been running a Davis VantageVue weather station for the last 3 years.  I don't upload the data to the weather underground, but I've got it on my own website (
  15. dave

    Ad Stalking - Opinions? Good business or bad shady form?

    I don't like it, but it isn't usually a problem for me since I clear my browser cache and cookies (including flash cookies) at least daily.
  16. dave

    Audiophiles around here? Who is using a DAC?

    The Topping brand is Chinese, but I understand they use good quality components.  The amp is usually around $100. It's popular because it uses a Tripath chip for the amp (class T), which is supposed to have smooth tube-like qualities, and also uses little power. I'm using it as an amp for my...
  17. dave

    Audiophiles around here? Who is using a DAC?

    I have a Topping TP30 USB amplifier for my system that uses a Burr Brown PCM2704 DAC.
  18. dave

    Extremely Simple My Current IP Site

    You can also just type "ip" into google, or even startpage or duckduckgo.
  19. dave

    New look

    Is there still a way to clear the new posts, after viewing the new content?
  20. dave

    Anyone else use How many false positives do you receive?

    I've used the free version of for many years.  I haven't really noticed false positives, but there was a time it seemed like they were using stale dns entries.