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  1. Asama

    Favorite Hollywood Actor ?

    Sasha Grey :p
  2. Asama

    123Systems sold again?

    They restocked all locations which looks most CVPS similar. That nodes got fresh numbered (LA1, NJ1, NY1, ...) ;)
  3. Asama

    LET Down?

    Had one short access and was able to take a screen for all addicts: :P
  4. Asama

    NodeServ Presents NodeControl - In-House panel -PREVIEW-

    Looks amazing, great work!
  5. Asama

    Benchmark Script + Nice UI!

    Design is very nice. I never liked Serverbear, good to have a better alternative now!
  6. Asama

    List of reliable sub 20$ per year providers

    Link to offer?
  7. Asama

    Auto installer for small vps? or can also be installed on a small vps :P
  8. Asama

    KiwiVM gets instant migrations, downloadable snapshots, and two-factor authentication

    Awesome stuff, like that ticket free migrations between datacenters.
  9. Asama

    Need Low Budget VPS - Will need 20 VPS in each city

    You can check this list of basic offers:
  10. Asama

    VPS that can always be had for $10/year

    ServerDragon but it is $10.99
  11. Asama

    List of sub 30$ vps providers in EU

    Look here:
  12. Asama

    List of reliable sub 20$ per year providers

    IPX closed their partner program secretly to save the payout bucks. Is that reliable? :P
  13. Asama Down

    For me LEB/LET is loading very slow atm.
  14. Asama

    (Namecheap) .NET/.ORG price increase

    "On July 1, 2013, the registries for .NET and .ORG are increasing their pricing for these TLDs. As a result, Namecheap will be adjusting the pricing on these TLDs as well. Beginning on July 1st, .ORG and .NET domains will be $11.48 (plus $0.18 ICANN fee for .NET) for registration, renewal, and...
  15. Asama

    Feedback on Logo Update?

    Nice. Larger text or smaller figure could be better.
  16. Asama

    Misterhost... Not again

    I heard you used that 'list of compelling reasons' NOT at your affiliate program closure.
  17. Asama

    DrMike what happen to him.

    Agree, he was fast butthurt if someone has not reflect his opinions... an annoying guy!
  18. Asama is 16 years today!

    Happy Birthday Prometeus! :)
  19. Asama

    Speedtest Script

    I've used it several times now, no problems and harmless.
  20. Asama

    I'm not sure about this, but I think LET got hack again

    Don't like that new style (Theme) in any way :wacko: