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    linode under ddos for past 2 days Wow it's ugly.
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    Crissic booting old customers

    I just got an email from Crissic (now part of Quadranet) that old services will be discontinued (i.e. the IP grab reaches its endgame).  Services won't be terminated early but won't be renewable past expiration.  I assume this was a mass mailing that everyone got at once.  My Crissic VPS expires...
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    cheap vps near San Francisco

    Looking for cheap VPS physically close to San Francisco, the closer the better but no more than 50 miles.  That means San Jose, Fremont, Santa Rosa, are ok but LA is too far so don't suggest it.  Low resources are fine: 64MB ram, 2GB disk, traffic will usually be under 10GB/month but might be...
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    high availability shared hosting

    I'm trying to help someone with a fairly simple, low traffic Wordpress blog (1000 hits/day tops) that's commercial enough that outages have to be minimized ("My web site is dowwwwwn!!!").  I'd hoped to get a simple cpanel web hosting plan with multiple servers on a multicast IP or something like...
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    research: San Francisco colo

    This is research for possible future needs, not a service request per se:  for now I'm happy with my dedis and am just looking ahead to the next phase.  But I'd like to know if there's such a thing as budget colo hosting in San Francisco, which preferably means within the city proper, not "Bay...
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    Which KVM hosts support custom ISOs?

    I'm interested in playing with the GuixSD and NixOS distros... do any KVM hosts either have ready made images, or allow setting a custom install?  Hourly billing would be nice since I might sometimes want large VM's for purposes like software builds.  If monthly I'd like to keep costs fairly low...
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    Scaleway out of servers and IP's

    Maybe it's just some backend problem or maybe they're really out of stock, but at the moment they aren't exactly competing with Amazon.  Their UI is reporting that they are out of both C1 ARM servers and public IP addreses.  I don't have any right now and have sort of wanted to get one, but the...
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    vpsboard software getting even more annoying

    Seems like the IPB software was downgraded to a newer version recently.  The activity feed stopped working although there's now which is similar but different and more JS dependent. The editing box has a bug where it doesn't stop...
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    OVH/Runabove launches arm64 servers for testing

    See  scroll down for instance specs and prospective pricing.  Right now you can only get 1 core but it's temporarily free.  They will go up to 24 cores and 48gb of ram for 0.10 euro/hour or 37.34 euro/month (their monthly rates are 0.5x hourly).  I think...
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    Hetzner releases new VPS line

    These have quite a bit more resources per dollar/euro than their old VPS plans and they start cheaper: 4.64 euro incl VAT (3.90 euro if you're outside the EU) for a 1GB server with 25GB of SSD and 2TB bandwidth, not bad even by vpsboard standards.  They go up to 32GB/8 cores/600gb ssd for about...
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    tell your SSD failure stories

    Anyone had an SSD in a server fail? What brand and model?  Capacity?  How long had it been in use?  Any idea how many block writes it had handled? What was the failure mode--bricked, read-only, data corruption, ... ? Did you do any periodic SMART checks while the drive was still working? ...
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    FOSS video conferencing software?

    I'm looking for multi-person video conference software comparable to Google Hangout, that must be FOSS and self-hostable.  Any suggestions?  Someone on irc suggested which appears to be non-FOSS but uses a FOSS webRTC library.  WebRTC does seem like the way to go, as opposed to requring...
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    BBS software?

    Would like to get people's thoughts and recommendations on BBS software.  I have some particular preferences/requirements that I'll list, but go ahead and post whatever you think is interesting even if it doesn't fit them. 1) Strongly prefer 100% FOSS software but if proprietary, it should be a...
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    VOIP provider in europe?

    I'm looking for a European VOIP provider, i.e. a place connected to the POTS phone system, where I can originate calls starting from an IP connection (SIP or XMPP, I guess), something like Vitelity.  In Vitelity's case they also do (rather expensive by vpsboard standards) VPS hosting in the same...
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    Anyone want my OVH dedi? $60/mo

    - It's an old SP16 plan (formerly SP1): i5-3570S quad core processor, 16gb ram, 2x2TB SATA drives, 100 mbps network interface, unmetered traffic (I think), comes with 500gb of ftp/nfs backup storage at no extra charge, in BHS (Quebec) and billed through - It expired a couple days ago (I...
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    OVH vs Hetzner dedi

    I've had a couple of OVH dedis (currently just one) at BHS and generally been happy with them despite what seems like a disorganized operation on OVH's part.  I use them primarily for personal storage and computation, i.e. I don't run any public-facing services on them, though I do download a...
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    Hetzner waives setup fees for some servers in July Supposedly a July-only promotion celebrating Germany making it to the World Cup quarter finals.  They have cancelled the setup fees for a number...
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    OpenVZ vuln

    Presumably this: I don't know specifics but I saw LowEndSpirit just rebooted all its nodes in order to patch a new vulnerability.  So I thought other OpenVZ users should be aware.
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    Prometeus 128MB KVM, 2 year anniversary

     10:31:19 up 730 days,  8:35,  1 user,  load average: 0.39, 0.09, 0.03 That's all I have to say about that.
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    AlienLayer is back!

    I'm sure you are all revved to the max to hear that Alienlayer is having a relaunch.  I got a promotional email from them last night to that effect.  They announce a 30% discount code on their web site, but the email has a link (containing a bunch of hex numbers in the url) for a 40% coupon.  I...