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  1. Kokaku Kidotai

    What could be the cause for auditd to use almost 400% CPU?

    Good day gentlemen, What could be the reason for the "auditd" process to use almost 400% (roughly 397%) for over 425 hours (431 hours before being suspended)? The process "auditd" was called by the system user "Apache". The box is running CentOS 6 with zPanel, two sites and a private PPTP VPN...
  2. Kokaku Kidotai

    Disable IPv6 inside a OpenVZ Container?

    Hola vpsBoard Community, I've been wondering how to disable IPv6 from inside a OpenVZ container when SolusVM failed to disable it? I just clicked on deactivate in SolusVM and rebooted the VM as SolusVM said. The result: IPv6 still bound to venet0/0:0 and pinging... Does SolusVM actually fix...
  3. Kokaku Kidotai

    OpenNebula Reseller Module?

    Hello everyone, It is the first time that I've come in touch with OpenNebula SunStone cloud control panel for VMs. I have to create multiple VMs and assigned them  to their own account but I'm just a client (not a administrator or so). So I've been wondering if OpenNebula has something like a...
  4. Kokaku Kidotai

    CPUVInf - Raspberry Pi CPU Temperature & Voltage Reader

    CPUVInf - Raspberry Pi CPU Temperature & Voltage Reader by Nevil Verdoold Version: 0.2 (Build 20) Features: Fairly small script (2.75 KB) Temperature displayed in human readable °C (degree Celsius) Voltage displayed in human readable V (Volt) Current CPU temperature output Core voltage output...