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  1. peterw

    Arduino (or Trinket) with Bluetooth control

    Thank you a lot for the code examples and the hardware findings. I think I am now able to build my bluetooth controlled rc car :D
  2. peterw Alternatives

    We use Redmine for project handling. It is open source and does the job. If you have money to throw at a company you can use Redbooth: .
  3. peterw

    Full disk encryption on a KVM VPS?

    Thank you for this great post!
  4. peterw out of business?

    Never gave them a chance. If you search on twitter you find a lot of WTFs:
  5. peterw

    [Mod Move] Updating Reviews?

    How should I get the notifications of the update? Should one write "update available" posts?
  6. peterw

    [Mod Move] Updating Reviews?

    Yes! I don't want to know that a host was good one year ago. I want to know how it performs over time and how it handles problems!
  7. peterw

    Previously acquired is merged into Virtora, Jack departs

    Sad that nothing changed in the muddy UK market. There is a reason why the Netherlands grow this fast.
  8. peterw

    Full disk encryption on a KVM VPS?

    Full disk encryption is useless for KVM. You have to enter the password on each reboot with unsecured VNC. If the password is entered the volume is unencrypted. It is only usefull for dedicated servers to secure your information if someone is stealing exchanging the disks.
  9. peterw

    need help from a photographer

    Try the FX range of Nikon. Nikon D3200 or Nikon D5200. Lenses can be a Nikon 50mm f/1.8G AF-S NIKKOR FX Lens or Nikon 35mm f/1.8G AF-S DX Lens. Additional lenses can be Walimex Pro 8mm 3.8 Fisheye or a Walimex Pro 85mm 1.4 IF.
  10. peterw

    Do you prefer a Gbit VPS with limited Bandwidth or a 100Mbit unmetered VPS?

    You do not write about how many customers have to share the link. 500 vps on 1 Gbit or 10 vps on 100 Mbit?
  11. peterw

    Why you like VPSboard?

    Because there is more content I want to read than bully posts I am ignoring.
  12. peterw

    Psychz Networks / PhotonVPS new DC - Downtown Los Angeles

    It looks like you are getting better at the abuse level of you network. I remember your name to be on my ban list for quite a long time. Hope you are able to keep clean. What upstreams are you offering at this location?
  13. peterw

    VPS Benchmark Testing is Useless. Creating better benchmarking tests.

    The common scripts are useless. And the pseudo reviews out of them are useless. They peak a system and messure how good the vps can stand the pressure. But only for a short amount of time. I like the approach to run a service on each vps and messure over time how good the page load times are. Or...
  14. peterw

    BlueVM KVM 512 MB (CH)

    I canceled my vps in Swizz too. Downloading my backup from my server was a pain because it only had 340kbit upload rate for 2GB of data.
  15. peterw

    Urpad OpenVZ 256 MB (LA)

    No automated activation, no logins sent per email, wrong information sent per email, broken vps. They should fix their backoffice.
  16. peterw

    RocketVPS migration from Reston, VA to Baltimore, MD

    They handle it not bad. They sent the email on the 3rd and begin migration on the 14th. I don't understand their temporary tunnel approach which disapears on vps reboot. And they move only 56miles so they care a bit about local clients.
  17. peterw

    GreenValueHost forced password reset - Security breach?

    They told you information about a customer?
  18. peterw

    Congratulations Nikki, wlanboy and peterw!

    Thank you for your votes! It is the first time I win something on the internet. I really like this community.
  19. peterw

    RamNode entering NYC.

    They won't enter that ddos area.