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  1. mikeyur

    [US - ATL] $30/mo - Dual E5420/16GB Ram/1TB HDD/10TB @ 1Gbps

    Hey vpsBoard, we still have a few units left from our Black Friday/Cyber Monday promo so I wanted to extend the same offer if you missed it the first time. Offer is available until stock is gone. All servers are located in Atlanta, GA and are strictly unmanaged. Dual E5420 - HP BL260c (<40...
  2. mikeyur

    Am I asking for trouble using consumer SSDs in a server?

    Looking to purchase another box to colo and want a pair of 480GB+ SSDs (will be running them in RAID 1). I'm seeing other folks using Intel 530 series, Samsung 840/850 PROs & EVOs in their boxes. Just wondering if I'm asking for trouble using a pair of consumer 480GB or 1TB SSDs in a fairly...