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  1. HostNamaste

    1GB VPS for $20/Year in France, Los Angeles, Dallas, USA & Canada -

    1GB, 2GB, 3GB VPS Starting $20/Year in France, LA, DAL, USA, Canada - We're bringing some nice OVZ and KVM offers today, including: ● 1GB OpenVZ VPS for $20/year! ● Same as in a KVM for $25/year! These systems are available in Los Angeles, Dallas, France, and Quebec. Our...
  2. HostNamaste

    Is VPSBoard still alive?

    Yes, VPSBoard is alive and getting good traffic I think. However, still requires to focus more attracting more providers.
  3. HostNamaste

    Verified on WHMCS is it a good thing?

    Yes, It is a bad thing. If the hosting provider can not pay for the paid license to run the business, and using a nulled WHMCS, is not trustable. It is recommended to check the provider's domain here "" without the www.
  4. HostNamaste

    Resolved I can not open a thread in the forum

    Yes, I had the same issue. Thanks to @JonathanKW to clarifying the following. You only have one post, the above mention rules specifically states '10' posts are required. When you have 10 posts then when the forum cron runs, you'll get permissions to post in the advertisement area.
  5. HostNamaste

    This is vpsBoard

    Nice to hear that, @JonathanKW
  6. HostNamaste

    This is vpsBoard

    Hey Mate, Are you the Owner of VPSBoard now?