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  1. ICPH

    Spamhaus evil policeman listing innocent hosting sites and these gets suspended by the server admin

    I have to speak out, i am having DirectAdmin web hosting reseller account (no server admin/root access). The server admin suspended around 12 accounts because SPAMhaus listed these at But at least 20% of these were innocent. I will possibly not know...
  2. ICPH

    OpenVZ & HyperVM(or other free control panel for it?) ?

    Hello, i am having some 0penVZ containers that i want to migrate to a different server. So i want to ask if Hyp€rVM repository is still online so i can install it Or if there is any other good free control panel for 0penVZ? Old hyp€rvm in$tallation tutorials refer to lxcenter repo which is...
  3. ICPH mirrorlist only accessible from host node, not guests/VPSs

    Hello, i found that OpenVZ 6 host node can access openvz repository. # curl -I # host has address # ping works but from any VPS acros various IP ranges i can not ping...
  4. ICPH

    iptables interface forwarding, want to block bogons

    Hello, my aim is to block so called "bogons" ( I will do it thru ipset (probably with hash:net parameter as the total number of IPs is few hundred million) But i need to block it on proper interface, because my server host few virtual servers whose...
  5. ICPH

    Rsyncing /vz/private to other OVZ6 node, how?

    Hello, i have tried to rsync one OpenVZ 6 VPS from node server to another using rsync: rsync -Pavz /node1/vz/private/3710 /vz/private/3710 rsync -avz /node1/etc/vz/conf/3710 /etc/vz/conf/3710 but when tried to start destination VPS, i faced issues with TTy, /dev/null error. And others so i...
  6. ICPH

    Which software is banning my server hostname in iptables?

    Hello, my Linux bash script is running curl commands in rapid succession (like maybe one or two per second) curl mysite.tld around 1400 times and after approx 1000 my server hostname is getting blocked in iptables: fail2ban is stopped CSF is running and is in allow and...
  7. ICPH

    Any cheaper domain reseller account than ENOM?

    Hello, is there any cheaper domain reseller account than the ENOM ones? I see ENOM charge 11.43USD for the .com registration (after VAT) being on a reseller discounted acocunt.
  8. ICPH

    Which tools to use to detect scam on the server IP?

    Hello, please which online tools or Linux tools/scripts to use when i know only IP address of the server and want to discover if this IP doing any bad activity like spam, fraud, phishing, attacks? So far i know these tools: - SPAM...
  9. ICPH

    sysctl.conf optimal openvz values for proxy?

    Hello, im having OpenVZ VPS on my dedicated server and on the VPS im trying to run proxy using SSH socks, Dante, shadowsocks. Currently using shadowsocks. But no amtter which proxy im using, when i turn on torrent client on my home PC, proxy fails for couple of minutes to work (proxy data). Like...
  10. ICPH

    Auto execute OpenVZ commands on mounted/created/started container?

    Hello, please can i run some vzctl commands on the OpenVZ VM (VPS) once it is created/bootting/got mounted? I would like to enable --netfilter full (vzctl set $CTID --netfilter full --setmode restart --save) on all OpenVZ VMs by default and also enable tun/tap device by default for all new...
  11. ICPH

    What is easiest way to recognise cause of high load on Linux?

    What is easiest way to recognize cause of high load on Linux? I have opportunity to execute some commands in case there is high load on Linux server and send an email with output. My aim is to easilly see if RAM or CPU or I/O caused high load. Which commands with tiniest, static output (so...
  12. ICPH

    $0.1 Million lawsuit because of server abuse, the chances to recover money

    Hello, i seek Your kind advice and opinion regarding classic abuse/fraud in web-hosting industry. a) There is an US company who provide dedicated server to the customer from Germany. b) The German customer using the server (one of its ARIN IPs) to provide shared web-hosting account to a...
  13. ICPH

    How is called this behavior sending fake company emails?

    Hello, if some thief setup domain name that seems similar to some company domain and place this javascript to the fake domains website: <SCRIPT> window.location=""; </SCRIPT>is it called web forgery or different way? How is called that behavior of pretending to...
  14. ICPH

    Counting CPU threads

    Hello, please how many threads this CPU has? # of Cores6# of Threads12it has hyperthreading, does it mean it is 12 or 24? ----------- If the CPU is Dual Xeon L5520...
  15. ICPH

    passmark & geekbench, does it matter in VPS/hosting industry?

    Hello, on i see they mention thesetwo benchmarks: passmark geekbench i want to ask if the scores from these geekbench and passmark are important in non-windows server, like VPS host node or server for...
  16. ICPH

    Proxmox HA, how to configure common IPs for VPSs?

    Hello, here someone suggested Proxmox as an solution for managing VPS with high availability (HA) I want to ask if Proxmox HA is possible if each of the node server is in different...
  17. ICPH

    What is the software solution for the high availability VPS reselling?

    Hello, when i get 2 dedicated servers and want to run an virtualization on it (create a VPSs), which software to use to achieve state where: - if one server die, VPS uptime wont be affected - i can at anytime add one more server or several new servers into the cloud to increase resources of...
  18. ICPH

    Any free or low priced WHMCS module for cloud VPS automation?

    Hello, is there any free or low priced (<$5/mo, $80 onetime) WHMCS module to automatically create/manage VPSs thru Cloud software like onApp Cloud, OpenStack, CloudStack or any other quality one, preferrably free cloud solution? OpenStack feature request...
  19. ICPH

    Disk I/O limit per OpenVZ VPS is doable?

    Hello, is there any free method to limit OpenVZ VPS disk I/O ? I know there is setting to set I/O priority for each OpenVZ VPS (IOPRIO), but it dont appears to be solution in my case (some VPS use I/O very intensivelly so there are journaling processes which shows large percentage of I/O). So...
  20. ICPH

    Is it worth having multiple SSD?

    Hello, on an VPS node server, is worth to buy secondary SSD into HW/SW Raid? im asking because im not sure how it is with failure of SSD drives when comparing to HDDs i dont need higher speed than one SSD has and also i dont need extreme redundancy, but good one into next 18 months