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  1. Nick

    Is VPSBoard still alive?

    There's a lot of great information on here. Any little contributions will go a long way to bringing some life back.
  2. Nick

    New Hetzner Cloud, pretty awesome

    I've just picked up a couple of Hetzner's new clouds so I can have a play around with their new API. Service seems great so far. May give it a month or two before I move anything that's in production over.
  3. Nick

    VMHaus Review

    I've been seeing a bit about VMHaus recently and what's really brought my attention to them is their custom control panel, Bosnai (which is very clean) and their NVMe Cloud Servers. Seeing as I'm located in the pacific I settled with their Los Angeles location. For $7/month I couldn't really...
  4. Nick

    New Hetzner Cloud, pretty awesome

    Been seeing quite a bit of news and only positive feedback today. It's crazy to think how high performance VPS are going at such a cheap rate of €1/GB RAM and hourly billing is so great for developers. Certainly making it an even harder market for small businesses.
  5. Nick

    The cesspit / chat thread.

    Well I just got home from the pub and am sipping on a nice warm tea....I would've chosen a beer if there was one left in the fridge!
  6. Nick

    Where is the consumer hosting market going next?

    This is very true. Did a simple website for a friends local business and everyone commented on how they liked it and wanted their own for their small businesses. Have probably made 4 or 5 in the past month and making a decent return out of each. Just because you provide an online service...
  7. Nick

    Manchester Attack

    Sure, it's an off-topic section however this thread is about the Manchester attack. You two are more than welcome to take your little fight to the cesspit thread :)
  8. Nick

    Manchester Attack

    Now now...think this is starting to be dragged off topic here a bit. It's safe to say we all have our different opinions but that doesn't mean we need to head off-topic completely.
  9. Nick

    Looking for US-based VPS hosting

    I've ordered several servers from RamNode in the past and I believe they're in your budget. Great service with a friendly team and their servers are reliable from what I've experienced.
  10. Nick

    Email server, where is the bottleneck?

    With those kinds of loads you may get away with having a VPS. Are those loads only during peak hours and if so, for how long? What's the server that you currently have?
  11. Nick

    vpsBoard's Future

    It's awesome to be back on board and I'm happy to see so many new and old faces around. MannDude has done an awesome job over the years to build vpsBoard to what it is today.
  12. Nick

    Soo I moved to Birmingham, Alabama to work at KnownHost! :)

    They can't trust Chris around other people so he got his own office.
  13. Nick

    miniVPS has been sold.

    Congratulations Martin. You've done an excellent job building the brand.
  14. Nick

    It has been so long

    and slips away into the night....
  15. Nick

    It has been so long

    Oh hey there.
  16. Nick

    Sales and Level 1/2 Tech Support

    Hi all, Here's a little bit about me for those of you who don't know me.  I've been involved with/worked in the Web Hosting industry since around 2010 however took most of 2013 and 2014 off. I was away from the online world to focus on building a career and personal life offline.  Things are...
  17. Nick

    [FOR HIRE] Sales and Level 1/2 Tech Support

    Bumping as I'm still looking. Pay per ticket would work well.
  18. Nick

    vpsBoard fitness club!

    I'm actually disgusted by how much energy I've been wasting to get up and grab beers. The fridge is moving to the living room tomorrow...or maybe my living room can move to the kitchen. Whichever is easiest.
  19. Nick

    Psychz Networks - Dallas, TX – E3-1230v2, 16GB RAM, 1TB HD, 100TB, 10 Gbps DDoS Miti - $99!

    -Free DDoS mitigation up to 2 Gbps! -10Gbps Free DDoS Protection -Every server on our network is protected up to a 1Gbps attack, FREE So....which one?
  20. Nick

    2015 New Years Resolutions?

    I've been seriously considering buying some land and a cheap campervan and start building, gardening and hunting a lot more on. Problem always is, money. A small piece of land here isn't cheap unfortunately.