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    How to get listing of new posts/content after upgrade?

    How to get listing of new posts/content after upgrade?
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    Gotta Love this Guy!

    Here is 84 year old Ray Jessel performing his stuff:
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    How to check OS install: Manual vs Template

    Hey guys, Is there some way to check if a specific install was made with a template as opposed to a manual install. The system in question would be KVM and the OS would be Debian 6 / 7. I'm looking for any files from a template that would not be present in a manual OS install or vice versa...
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    Shell command to query ARIN for CIDRs from SAN

    Does anyone have a shell command to query the ARIN whois server for a list of CIDRs that belong to a SAN. I just can't seem to find the correct switches. In other words, something along the lines of (this obviously does not work): whois -h -T route ASXXXXX
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    New technology that could revolutionize electronics...memristor

    New technology that could revolutionize electronics and computer operation. Specific to computers, they won't need to operate in binary as is currently needed with transistors.
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    Interesting Video for that next Supermarket Stroll Down the Isles
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    What do you use for photo annotations

    What software do you use for photo annotations (either Windows or Linux)?
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    List KVM Providers with IPv6 and a few extras

    Looking for KVM providers with these minimun specs: RAM: 256MB CPU: 3ghz+ No CPU Throttling IPv4 + IPv6 Central or East Coast USA $5 - $7 month I would like to hear of any other providers out there I might have missed. The providers below I currently use and meet the criteria: Hostigation...
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    Alabama man gets $1,000 in police settlement, his lawyers get $459,000

    Here's one for the "WTF" category:
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    Exim4 as an MTA on Debian 7

    I wanted to get experienced member's take on using exim4 for email... Background: I run a few Debian 7x86 VPSs and use exim4 as my MTA. For the most part all is well. However, on numerous times I have either had a corrupt database or other issue. From what I understand connectivity issues could...
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    Google map view of Root servers

    Here is pretty cool view of the internet Root servers. The map has not been updated since the end of 2007 but still pretty cool.
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    Working on a shell script to check for blacklisted IPs...

    Guys, if anyone has a list or knows where to get a list of blacklisted IPs (RBLs) I would really appreciate the info. I'm working on a shell script to check my IPs on a regular basis and need some blacklisted ones to verify operation. If such a list is not available, a PM with a black listed...
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    Believe it or not this kid learned everything on his own...enjoy
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    Tony Stewart (Nascar Driver) Killed Fellow Driver on Track

    Tony Stewart ran over and killed a driver he had just had a collision on a prior lap. Pretty graphic:
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    Weird Al's new video...should be required viewing.
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    IT dude pissed at the industry...entertaining as hell though.

    Anybody seen his youtube videos?
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    haveged = excellent

    Thanks to wlanboy for bringing up haveged and this post: Here is my story. I run rsylog as a central logging server that gets log data from two client VPSs via an SSL/TLS connection. To enhance entropy I was using rngd with the following in the config file: HRNGDEVICE=/dev/urandom Everything...
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    Holy F***n...
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    Security: New VPS Account Info and Emails

    I just recently signed up for a few new VPS and received the customary new VPS info. What I could not believe was all the nitty, gritty info was there for all to see...complete with username and password. These VPS were through some of the best known and reputable VPS providers around. How...
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    Searching for a simple CMS

    I am looking for a simple CMS with the following requirements: Flat file database Good track record as far as security issues Has been available for at least a few years Lightweight in resource usage Any recommendations from personal usage? Tony