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    What are you using Raspberry Pis for?

    Was going to say "using mine for collecting dust". I just got my first Pi, a v.3, around 5 months ago. The board has a lot of issues, USB is unusable for a lot of things, I'm terrified on installing anything that creates even a minimal amount of logs because microSDs are so easy to burn out...
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    Verizon Said to Announce $4.8 Billion Yahoo Takeover Monday

    Verizon might be getting ripped off here
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    Backup Software

    I think you can with the command line client or something? There has also been some work done on it here, I see
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    Storage VPS Options in Europe - Time4VPS?

    impulse bought another one despite my issues for hosting minio, mirroring my other storage boxes, and providing a bittorrent mirror
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    How to Secure VPS server?

    CSF, and especially fail2ban, are just band-aids patching what should be managed with fine-grained access control
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    How to Secure VPS server?

    SSH keys bind everything that is explicitly meant to be public facing the a VPN TUN interface (admin panels etc) Tightly control permissions and which users/accounts are allowed to access and create files Isolate processes as much as possible, doubly so for software that is not...
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    Backup Software

    sounds like you just described
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    Storage VPS Options in Europe - Time4VPS?

    No FUSE and No IPv6 (even in tunneled form - modules just not there) on these pups, so accessing them via SFTP/FTP/WEBDAV or anything else that is in userspace & doesn't require FUSE is where your options lie
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    ColoCrossing threatens to sue vpsBoard

    it isn't libel if it's true
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    What are you listening to right now?

    While patiently awaiting the delivery of some 2016 CDs I ordered, I'm re-listening to the bonus digital download I got with my CD order of Dino Sabatini - Shaman's Paths, some killer tribal techno that I found out about by pirating "sampling" a copy from
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    AnyNode to shut down

    Does anyone have any insight to the Detroit/Greater metro market? I was looking for single-server colo there once and don't recall finding anything reasonable in downtown Detroit but seem to remember there being some datacenter(s) in Royal Oak or something
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    What are you listening to right now?
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    What software should I use to rip DVDs

    I use Brasero with libdvdcss2 for making ISOs of dvd, there are a ton of linux programs that can usse libdvdcss2 to do this. However if I want something that's small and watchable, I run the ISO through handbrake - I'm basically an idiot when it comes to video/video encoding but after...
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    How do you pronounce 'router'?

    the more european you are, the more you hear rooter
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    How do you pronounce 'router'?

    I've pronounced the (incorrect?) way , rowter and rowtes (/ou/ sound like cow) all my life. It's probably wrong but other people do it too
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    Debian Founder, Ian Murdock, has passed away

    Tons of seemingly well-adjusted people kill themselves after a bad drunken night, especially around this time of year edit: apparently at least one in three successful suicides is accompanied by heavy alcohol usage beforehand
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    Debian Founder, Ian Murdock, has passed away

    yeah, i'm not going to jump to a conspracy when all his tweets point towards 'someone losing touch with reality/very depressed' occam's razor and all, he seems to just handle being arrested (twice) very poorly, got very bent out of shape about it then suicided
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    Motivation for scripting

    dont go looking for new problems, just wait until new problems come to you
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    Debian Founder, Ian Murdock, has passed away

    oh wait, from the register