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  1. Jeffrey

    $1/Month 10GB Control Panel Hosting PROMOTION

    To get things up and running smoothly, I have decided to run a promotion over at  Our servers are in OVH-BHS1 in Canada and currently run VestaCP Control Panel.  Our goal is to stick to 100% open-source software while running our project, as we are for open-source projects.  We...
  2. Jeffrey

    Hello :'D

    I have been trying my hardest to get my life together, and I have less than a month before my life hits a brick wall, that I somehow have to find my way around to continue on.  Anyways, I am trying to get more involved with technology, and what I love doing.  So, hello everyone! :)
  3. Jeffrey

    FreeSimpleHosting - Free WebHosting With Post-To-Host Community

    FreeSimpleHosting was first purchased as a domain back in January but it never really had a vision of what it was supposed to end up being. I have turned it into multiple private projects before and it is finally ready to be open to the public. We are currently only offering two plans at the...
  4. Jeffrey

    GridHostingSolutions - MANAGED Dedicated Tampa + Orlando Servers From ONLY $45/Month

    We are here today to show off our dedicated server line in both Tampa and Orlando. The servers listed below are only a select few from our website that we think should be worth mentioning here. We are ran right out of Central Florida. Tampa - $45/Month 160 GB Hard Drive 1 TB Monthly Bandwidth...