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  1. Oliver

    $49 dedicated in Sydney AU, L5410, 16-24GB RAM, 2x146GB HW RAID, 3TB data, /29+/64

    I have a special offer of some of the best value dedicated systems probably ever offered in Australia. **First 10x orders get a free upgrade to 24GB RAM.** Specifications: * CPU: L5410 Quad Core 2.13Ghz * RAM: 16GB **First 10x orders get a free upgrade to 24GB RAM.** * Drives: 2x 15k...
  2. Oliver

    Pre-launch Sydney Dedicated Offer (L5410, 4-8GB RAM, 15k SAS, 1TB data, Australia)

    Ransom IT will soon be offering affordable unmanaged dedicated servers in Sydney from the same network used for our reputable VPS services. A few things are still a work in progress for management/customer control but as a pre-launch special offer I have the following specifications available...
  3. Oliver

    Ransom IT announces Auckland, New Zealand POP for KVM VPS

    Ransom IT is proud to announce an expansion into Auckland, New Zealand. We are now offering the same competitive range of KVM VPS plans available in Australia from our Auckland POP on the Vibe Communications network (AS45177). Our equipment is housed in an Auckland CBD (Queen Street) datacentre...
  4. Oliver

    Ransom IT announces 3rd Australian POP (Melbourne/SoftLayer) and other upgrades

    Hi VPS Boarder's :-) I have moved the Ransom IT Sydney services to a new upstream provider and established a presence with SoftLayer down in Melbourne. Plans have been simplified a bit as well with the same offerings available in Sydney and Adelaide for KVM services. Copied below is the...
  5. Oliver

    Each RIR receives additional IPv4 allocation from IANA

    I know most people here are mostly concerned with ARIN developments but there are other providers affected in different ways by global IP usage as well. Good for APNIC members like my business who can now get another /22. More information here...
  6. Oliver

    Mass drive failings linked to accidental gas (fire suppression) release in Sydney data centre

    Came across this interesting thread on the AUSNOG mailing lists today. I don't have any equipment in this datacentre myself so am not affected but there must be plenty of unhappy people around after this event:
  7. Oliver

    Ransom IT KVM offers in Sydney and Adelaide (Australia), 256MB/512MB/1GB, offers starting at $42 ann

    Ransom IT has been offering hosting services in Australia since 2008 and VPS services since 2010. With a solid reputation and amazingly priced plans Ransom IT is your ideal contact for VPS services in Australia. Ransom IT recently expanded to offer services from Australia's biggest and best...