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    BoltVM Gives Customers 30 Minutes Notice Of IP Address Changes

    It's not a repeat of this. Luckily the other migration will be on our terms and we'll be able to provide ample notice and time. We're not even close to closing down. Date: 03-24-2015 10:13:31 That was the last reply to our ARIN request (made by ARIN) before today. Unfortunately, our site was...
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    Cloud Shards launches in Sydney

    Just looked at the bandwidth pricing, and that's pretty solid. O.o
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    Cloud Shards launches in Sydney

    Well, $15+ per Mbps is the norm there. :P Very interesting offering, though. What's your network there, looks Equinix transit?
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    PayPal Micro Transactions

    Scammer, that totally was added in after!
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    PayPal Micro Transactions

    Maybe include some numbers? Here are a few. (5 * .971) - .3 = $4.56 per transaction (5 * .95) - .05 = $4.70 per transaction 715 VPS at $5 a month per VPS costs you $100 a month if you don't use Micro Transactions. (3.5 * .971) - .3 = $3.10 (3.5 * .95) - .05 = $3.28 556 VPS at $3.50 a month...
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    SolusVM 2

    Blesta is a great product, but it just doesn't compete with the ease of WHMCS, in my opinion.
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    New WebHostingTalk Site!

    They ironed out what should be most of the issues, but there are still a few left.
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    Does a Verizon iphone contract really cost this much?

    Verizon is very, very expensive. What he is paying is quite normal for Verizon. The thing is, you get what you pay for. They provide the highest quality and most reliable cell phone service, in my experiences. It is rare that I don't have coverage and even rarer that someone with a different...
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    Quarter rack colocation and datacenter suggestion in the US midwest?

    Try and get them to toss free remote hands into the offer, even if just an hour or two a month. It could end up saving you a few hundred dollars over the course of the year. ;)
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    FraudRecord is at it again

    Anyone have any info on FraudLabsPro vs MaxMind?
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    DediCube - x3470's from $25/m!

    The following offering by DediCube LLC. is valid for 72 hours or while our limited supplies last! These servers sell out before they even get to the datacenter! Contact us as quickly as possible to guarantee that you get a server! In addition, we are offering free upgrades from 500 GB to 2 TB...
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    Looking for pay as you go VPS reseller program

    This sounds exactly like a dedicated server with some control panel that supports KVM...
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    DediCube - x3470's from $25/m

    The x3470's do have IPMI. However, this is on a completely segregated network (we operate three different networks: public, private*, and management). We currently utilize NOC-PS, which allows for automated OS re-installs. I have not had a chance to test out the IPMI console feature that it...
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    DediCube - x3470's from $25/m

    You can check out pricing here. x3470 will be +$5 a month for the initial 256 GB SSD and the dual L5520 will be +$2.50 a month (most likely). For questions about stock and availability, please open a ticket! Taking multiple shipments at a time tends to be a bit crazy and I don't always know...
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    DediCube - x3470's from $25/m

    Ha, I actually just ordered a handful of 250 GB SSDs about ten minutes ago, so we should have them any day now.
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    DediCube - x3470's from $25/m

    Not currently, I need to pick a brand. I can't decide!
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    DediCube - x3470's from $25/m

    On the x3470? Where's the customization? ;) We're not stocking 120/128 GB SSD's. Base is a 256 GB SSD. There's a $10 setup fee for all SSD's plus an additional $5 a month for all servers with a base of $50 or less to swap the initial 2 TB to a 256 GB SSD.
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    DediCube - x3470's from $25/m

    NO, NO, NO, NO, NO. If that wasn't clear: the answer is this is not through ColoCrossing! I own all of this hardware and it is colocated with Corporate Colocation.
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    The cesspit / chat thread.

    I have an idea. At vpsCon 2015, we'll all chip in and get the barrel (we might need two). We'll find a hot tub, remove the water, insert the whiskey and partay.
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    DediCube - x3470's from $25/m

    I'm going to keep this short and simple! These servers are not listed on our site yet and are being shipped to the datacenter on Monday. This is a chance for vpsBoard to get on these early! You can private message me or open a ticket if you're interested. Intel Xeon x3470 8 GB of ECC RAM 2 TB...