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    Wable Drops boot and kicks bundled customers.

    Why would a company with no presence in California bother?  I know California thinks it is the center of the universe, but they do have limited jurisdiction.
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    Storage VPS Options in Europe - Time4VPS?

    I've had a storage box for about two months and it has exceeded my requirements and expectations.  Disk IO has never been an issue for me; in fact, I have better throughput and latency than some services I have used that claim to be pure SSD.  Before that I had a regular VPS for a year and it...
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    Leaked document shows that Comcast's 300GB data cap has nothing to do with network congestion

    Comcast has long shown that they absolutely hate their customers.  I can't figure out why because they are just begging for the government to impose regulations on them and the other ISPs to protect the consumer.  The FCC has shown a renewed willingness to do so, but Comcast evidently isn't...
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    Leaseweb Opens up VPSes in Singapore

    Anyone know how good is Leaseweb's network in APAC?
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    SpeedyKVM, Dallas, 50GB RAID 10 SSD, $6

    What are the limits on CPU use?  I didn't see that addressed in the ToS.
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    What happened to the crissic website?

    Everything is out of stock too.  This is interesting.  Maybe @SkylarM will tell us what's up.
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    VPS crashes every few day, really can't pin down the reason.

    You can't fit 400 Apache HTTPD connections in 2GB of memory, assuming Apache is using the prefork MPM.  This is at least part of your problem.  I would start by turning that down to 100, but you may have to turn that down further.  Apache should be configured such that the maximum number of...
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    Venom Security Vulnerability

    The only thing on the announcement mailing list so far for Centos 5 is xen.
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    Baltimore Burns.

    What the heck is happening in that facebook picture?
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    Let's talk about keeping all your VPSs up to date.

    I monitor the security update lists for the linux distributions and applications I use, and I only worry about updating when I see something there that potentially affects me.  Otherwise I don't worry about updates because they are just for bug fixes that probably don't affect me.  If I am...
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    Having lots of " OPTIONS * HTTP/1.0" apache connections?!

    The . under M and the - under PID indicate that there is no current process associated with that line.  This is a natural part of Apache creating new processes to service requests and then killing them when the number of requests goes down.  StartServers, MinSpareServers, MaxSpareServers, and...
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    How to find the site that crashes the server?

    When the server "crashes", what does mod_status say?  Which pages are in the list at that time?  My guess is you will see one script referenced by almost all of the processes.  That is likely the culprit. Is the server swapping when it "crashes"?  You can usually tell by the amount of time the...
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    DediCube - x3470's from $25/m

    Do the x3470 have IPMI or equivalent?
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    Building an energy efficient computer/workstation?

    Don't forget to look into the speakers on their own.  Some systems have rather inefficient amplifiers that suck a lot of power even with no audio output.  Same can be said of the monitors, but usually less so.  Most of them have low power draw when in standby, but measure independently to know...
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    Stack Exchange's server porn

    Those power connectors are IEC 60320 type  The rack is in New York (well, Jersey just across the river).
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    Looking for a cheap yearly VPS with IPv6 and peers with HE and Cogent

    There are reports of a fairly large Level3 outage/derp.
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    Looking for a cheap yearly VPS with IPv6 and peers with HE and Cogent

    Are you looking for something that is Cogent + HE only, or can other providers also be in the mix?  It will be difficult to find anyone else exclusively using Cogent + HE.  Also, most network mixes I watch are changing all the time, so you might not be on the same mix a year after you sign up.
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    [Confirmed] GreenValueHost being sold to XFuseSolutions

    To get the best pricing, he may have committed to a longterm lease.
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    Strange Forwarding Issue (Gmail)

    If you hard bounce the emails, Google will probably ban the account for spamming :lol:.  Or you could mark the account as spam on your end and discard the messages. Good luck getting a hold of anyone at Google.