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  1. earl

    $25/mo * C2D E8300, 4 GB Ram, 80GB HD, 100Mbps Unmetered - ServerComplete

    Just noticed this deal from ServerComplete, if anyone is interested.. Intel Core2Duo E8300 4GB DDR2 RAM 80GB SATA-II Hard Disk (upgrade to a 160GB SSD $10/mo) 100 Mbps Unmetered 5 IP Addresses (1 Primary + Routed /30 Secondary)...
  2. earl

    hubiC by OVH 25 GB of free storage in the cloud!

    Hi, just found this free offer from OVH, 25 Gb of free online storage.. sign up is pretty easy, just need your name and an email address, no verification or payment sources need.. Sign up page: and if free isn't good enough for you there is even a testimonial...
  3. earl

    Wholesaleinternet $19 per Month - Server Grab Bags.. more stock!

    It seems they have restocked the server grab bag deal.. If anyone needs one better hurry!! C/P from the WHT AD.. Yes. I'm serious. $19 per month. No gimmicks, no gotchas. The processors are mixed so it's pretty much what we have on the...
  4. earl

    Gorack $25.50 1U Special

    Looks like Gorack is having a special on colo.. thought I would post it here if anyone is interested. C/P WHT - for the full AD: Limited Time Offers: 1U Shared Colocation (One Device) 1A
  5. earl

    favorite movies

    Hey, I figured it's saturday.. be nice to watch something good.. any recommendations? i saw this a while back pretty good IMO.. The Intouchables (2011):
  6. earl

    Servercomplete vs Wholesaleinternet

    Hi, just curious with everyone's experience on Servercomplete and Wholesaleinternet.. I recently purchase two servers with identical specs one from SC and another from WII.. I'm thinking of only keeping one, they are basically priced about the same, with WII costing $4 more, the Specs are as...