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    "Hack Forums" Hosts

    What is your stance on hosts born out of Hack Forums, mainly in the VPS hosting field? Do you instantly think, "nah", or do you think "I'll give them a try since the ones that have been up for more than one year are better quality than I think"? It's a controversial topic. HF hosts tend to not...
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    WHMCS and PayPal Recurring Payments

    Is it me or do we all have to manually cancel PayPal recurring payments when one's VPS is terminated/cancelled? It's the pain of having many clients and having to check through each and every cancellation/termination to make sure they're not using recurring payments before you get a peace of...
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    Linux Two-Factor Authentication with Google Authenticator Module

    This is a personal favourite of mine. In this tutorial, I will be showing you how to set up two-factor authentication for your SSH.  Here's a basic outline of what happens: If you use Google Authenticator + Password: It asks for your two-factor code first, then password. If you use...
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    [Industry Question] How Do You Pay Support Staff?

    So I was wondering (mainly for small VPS hosting companies), how do you pay support staff? Per ticket? How much? Per month? How much? I'm asking from the perspective of a new VPS hosting company, where profit isn't easily gained without hard work. I found an 11-year old example...