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    LET Hacked Again

    $Configuration['Database']['Engine']                           = 'MySQL'; $Configuration['Database']['Name'] = 'vanillaforfree'; $Configuration['Database']['Host'] = '' ; $Configuration['Database']['User'] = 'vanillaforfree'; $Configuration['Database']['Password'] = 'vanilla123!'...
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    Should we migrate to discourse forum software?

    I personally prefer IPB. IPB has tons of features which I like.. Depends how it's configured though! Discourse's features are truly awesome, but I don't like the looks that much.
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    The cesspit / chat thread.

    Tom made the song, I made the video and I uploaded it! derp
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    The cesspit / chat thread.

    Problem solved!
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    The cesspit / chat thread.

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    IP Board Advice

    I like IPB. Use MariaDB instead of MySQL though
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    The cesspit / chat thread.

    Oh wel apparently, and that is one great insult LOL >/me sends to BronzeByte Anyways my turn, Is it true when you were born, the doctor turned around and slapped your mother?
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    The cesspit / chat thread.

    So I am nothing to you? ;o (quite an original insult there)
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    The cesspit / chat thread.

    Not quite sure, if we don't need it, this will be idle/deleted anyways, wouldn't it?
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    NodeDeploy KVM Review (Copied from LET)

    Hello there VPSboard, I've decided to make a review about my service I've had with NodeDeploy for quite a while. I've got a KVM machine with 1GB of RAM and 4 CPU cores, and on a (shared) 1Gbp/s port. The OS is Arch Linux 2013 (They put that ISO in espcially for me :D) I've got 1 IPv4 address...
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    The cesspit / chat thread.

    This is not LET or owned by the people who made LET.. I shall be first!
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    WHMCS - Extended Login Tracking

    Thanks for contributing this, might come in handy!
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    Let's track the ranking of this forum...

    Oh please no toolbar... PLEASE PLEASE!
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    With the advent of KVM, Xen is dead....

    I really like KVM. KVM is great and is something that Xen does not have. KVM is widely used by cloud providers (DigitalOcean, etc). KVM on SolusVM works pretty well.
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    Welcome to vpsBoard! (Read this first)

    Glad to be here... 
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    The cesspit / chat thread.

    Hey there, I decided to open a Cest Pit here as well. Well.. 3, 2, 1, GO! Have some fun!
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    WHMCS Security Advisory

    Thanks for notifying :D
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    So Many OFFERS!

    @jarland: Can't wait!