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    Is there such a thing as asking for too much money during an interview?

    Just ask for it - $15k isn't a huge amount of money, and if everyone is asking you to apply, you're definitely in for a higher than "median" salary, so you might as well ask high and let them bargain you down a bit lower. 
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    Solution to monitor data transfer usage on dedicated servers?

    Definitely go with vnstat. Dead simple to install, and really easy to use. I have it running on both of my OVH servers: [email protected]:~$ vnstat -m    eth0  /  monthly          month        rx      |     tx      |    total    |   avg. rate    ...
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    Any one know what Datacenter does use in Seattle?

    RamNode Seattle is based in the Westin building as well. 
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    Any one know what Datacenter does use in Seattle?

    Equinix has "two" facilities in Seattle - SE2 and SE3. SE2 is actually *in* the Westin, and SE3 is attached by a skybridge in what was a parking garage. For all intents and purposes, they're the same spot, but it's pretty cool.
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    Privacy concerns over CGNAT?

    Personally I have no idea with ISPs bringing out CGNAT on an opt out basis for their customers. Obviously, I want my own address, but my parents sure as hell don't need one, nor do lots of casual internet users.  Comcast/Verizon/AT&T could save millions of addresses by doing this, and take a...
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    Celeron Mini ITX boards

    it's 65 Euros new usually, he's selling for 60 Euros with RAM, plus 10 more Euros if you aren't in the EU. 
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    3 Atom Invites (GitHub Text Editor)

    It's basically a Sublime clone that doesn't (yet) work as well, in my opinion. 
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    Ubuntu Download Time

    LDS? I'm not a Mormon? Anyway, I posted in this (and some of your other threads) because they're absolutely pointless and don't add a modicum of value to this board. I even reported this the real way, too! Why does anyone care about your GVH mirrors? The torrent files are up on the website...
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    Ubuntu Download Time

    Or I could just get them from and not some random GVH VM?
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    For thoose who doesnt use control panels - mail

    E-Mail administration is one of those things I outright refuse to do unless I absolutely need to. Mail servers are brittle, annoying, and actually getting mail through to other peoples' inboxes can be an absolute pain in the ass.  For mailboxes, I just use Google Apps or another hosted...
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    Cheap dedicated server request | 2gb ram minimum

    This is exactly what you want:
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    DD Script

    Personally, I don't put anything on a LEB that I actually *need* - I only use a RamNode VPS as staging and the rest of my infrastructure is on dedicated servers. If I were to host things, I'd simply monitor for things like iowait and steal time, and make sure my pages weren't lowing too slow.
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    DD Script

    Sure, they would be subjected to potential periods of low performance, but a good VPS host's low performance should be adequate. The difference between a host worth using and one that isn't is consistently good performance. 
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    Burstnet Los Angeles - Next on the chopping block?

    I think it's best to quit while you're ahead and request a refund and stop ordering, they're on a downward spiral. 
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    [] Every Day Has A Sale! Dual Xeon, E3, E5 @ Many Locations! Ping test our datacenters. Seattle ping Seattle ping Seattle ping Chicago ping Chicago ping Kansas City ping Los Angeles ping Los Angeles ping...
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    Nginx, MIME types and Firefox

    I don't think it's a gzip issue - requesting the page without an Accept: Gzip header with curl gives me the following HTTP response: $ curl -I HTTP/1.1 200 OK Server: nginx Date: Mon, 31 Mar 2014 20:02:12 GMT Content-Type: application/octet-stream...
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    DD Script

    lol i didnt realize you made this dumb post in two places. I'll quote myself on LET Another Mun post. Here, I went ahead and did it myself. It took all of 15 minutes and I rarely do any bash scripting - why is this whole thing such a big deal again?
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    Converting entire directory of JPG files to progressive JPGs and reduce quality/size?

    You could do this pretty easily with the scripting language of your choice. I'd do it in python - get a list of the files and for each one rename it to $name_old, resize that one and save it as the original name. That gives you a directory with the originals as well as the resized new ones. 
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    Install Ghost Blog with Nginx and ModSecurity or Naxsi

    You've successfully managed to write a lot of stuff that refutes absolutely nothing that I've said and demonstrates how little you know about the node ecosystem outside of this shell script.  Node *does* use system tools and packages - they distribute prebuilt binaries on their website, and you...