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    Windows server Datacenter question

    Hi everyone. Could you tell me the main benefit of Windows server Datacenter edition (2008 or 2012)? Could I get a license for a dedicated server then install Hyper-V and install many Windows server VMs using the same license? Thanks.
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    TLS 1.2: AES_128_GCM or AES_256_CBC for better security?

    Hi, I want to set up a ssl server with best security. I can force my friends to use browsers with TLS support. For now, Chrome support AES_128_GCM and AES_256_CBC with TLS 1.2. What cipher should I choose? Are there any diffrence on 128 bits and 256 bits in this case?
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    Cloud storage setup

    Hi, I want to setup a file sharing solution for my team. It will function like Dropbox and the transfer will be encrypted. It has to work on multi-devices like PC, Android, IOS. Please give me some advices. Thanks.