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    Fail2Ban versus CSF?

    Which one do you think is better? I have lot of experience with CSF on cpanel servers but not on a server without it. I've never used fail2ban before. Which one would be better for a vps that has no control panel?
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    Way to see how many visitors on my site from SSH?

    Is there a command I can type in to see how many people are on my website at any time? I know I can install analytic stuff but if I just want to check to see how many people are online at once how can I do that?
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    KVM vs Xen for the end-user

    As someone who uses VPSes but are still kind of new to them, what is the difference for the end user between KVM and Xen? I know OpenVZ is used a lot, though it's often oversold (a little or a lot), but I know a lot of people prefer KVM and Xen though too. Aside from typically costing the end...
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    Should I compile Nginx from source or just use the version in the Debian repo?

    Aside from the version compiled from source being newer, is there really any downside to using the version you get when doing a simple 'apt-get install nginx' ? I cant find too much data about performance benefits of using the newer ones from source so was wondering if it was a big deal.
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    BASH script to email when someone logins to my server?

    I remember seeing this somewhere and want to add it to what I am working on. It would send an email anytime someone would login to your VPS via SSH. It looked really simple but I didn't bookmark it. Anyone know how to accomplish this?
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    East coast USA DDoS protection?

    Any providers offering affordable east coast USA DDoS protection? Budget $30/mo.
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    Best vps tutorial site?

    True. I guess I was just looking for a good central resource that had tutorials listed so I can learn to do things. Usually use Google to fix things when I break them or can't figure them out. Wanted good tutorials to teach me how to setup and manage new stuff.
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    Best vps tutorial site?

    There are so many vps tutorial sites and I feel that most only have a little bit of content. The one I use most is Linode's library but was wondering if there was something that had a lot of content like Linode's but with different tutorials for different things. Any recommendations?
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    Best free DNS hosting?

    Thanks guys, I'll check some of those out!
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    Best free DNS hosting?

    Whats the best free DNS hosting for low traffic sites?   I have a small VPS that will be used for just some static content and dont wish to run my own dns server. Don't want to use cloudflare for DNS either. Anyone wanna recommend free DNS hosting?
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    How do I find a specific file on my VPS?

    Hi there. How do I find a specific file on my VPS? Like, if the file was called, "example.txt" and I am not sure what directory it is saved in, what would be the easiest way to find this?
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    Favorite OS for your VPSes?

    Curious what your favorite operating system for your VPSes is and why. Assuming you're not relying on a control panel that is bound to a specific OS (Like cPanel), what OS do you usually choose and why? I've always been a fan of Debian, though I can't really say why. I just like it.
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    Whats your backup plan for production sites?

    Curious to learn what others here do for backups for their production sites. I've got a cron that runs every 30 minutes to backup the DB offsite to another VPS with another provider and the WWW directory every 2 hours. I feel this is sufficient and it's nice knowing that in a 'shit hits the...
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    Best web server when resources are not limited?

    Let's say you're not limited by resources and you purely want the best performance and security from your web server. On a small VPS you may be restricted to utilizing Nginx, for example, as it's more lightweight than Apache out of the box. But, can Apache perform just as well when given proper...
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    Looking for a VPS that allows me to take snapshots easily

    Hey there, I'm working on a project and it'd be nice if I could easily create snapshots of my VPS data to restore easily later if need be. Basically, i'm working on a learning project and would hate to get to a point where I mess something up so badly that I have to start from point blank like...
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    What providers do you use?

    Just realized I had a PaulVPS still, from Novemeber. A yearly subscription I had literally forgotten about. Now I use it for a VPN sometimes. I need to keep better track of my servers... =/
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    Features you wish WHMCS would implement.

    Haha, oh god. I'd just walk into uncomming traffic after the second repeat.
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    Features you wish WHMCS would implement.

    Yes, that'd be great! It could probably be easily done now, though updating during a page refresh. I've got the helpdesk refreshing every 1 minute anyhow, so it'd save me a lot of going back to check it after I've gotten caught up.
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    Ongoing malware attack targeting Apache hijacks 20,000 sites

    Read the original article here:
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    Features you wish WHMCS would implement.

    I've got a love/hate relationship with WHMCS. It's great software, but I don't like the idea of there being 'industry standard' software for anything. Should be plenty of great viable options competing against each other. With that said, I've got some major gripes about WHMCS. I'll likely just...