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    PhoenixVPS SSD-Cached VPS Review

    Got hold of one of phoenixvps's SSD Cached VPS from their offer posted over here thanks to Marc. M. I think got me one of their 512MB plan (SCXVPS 512), and its located in Ashburn, VA. Nothing more to say than VPS is blazing fast, here are some benchmarks CPU model : Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU...
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    Free Domain .nu for 1 Year

    You should have a look at the renewal price.
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    SolusVM Exploit - Who got hit?

    I said Host1Plus not Host1Free, god!
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    SolusVM Exploit - Who got hit?

    Their parent company is actually a premium provider, not even low end. They however gave 3 months of service free with full support for the damage.
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    SolusVM Exploit - Who got hit?

    Their parent company actually, Host1Plus, the best part is they don't even have backups, so all data is lost.
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    LiquidHost - Seattle, LA, NC| Internal IPs|DDoS Protection | 2GB RAM for 4$ per month

    I can vouch for this, after finally getting their DDoS filtered IPs, everything was fine, not a single downtime ever. Sorry if I was a pain in the rear though @Alex_LiquitHost
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    DDoS Protection

    I lurked around a bit. Guess its just a website on auto pilot..
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    DDoS Protection

    Anyone tried ? Seems like a comparatively cheap option.
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    LET Hacked Again

    Same here, has been going up and down.
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    Install a Chatbox?

    Think its on #vpsboard @ freenode. Edit: Damn ninjas
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    LET Hacked Again

    LEB is still up. Where is the popcorn? Low volume? k.
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    A little challenge

    I could have got it if my browser could have send the request any faster.
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    Colocrossing / ChicagoVPS / Lowendtalk / Lowendbox the dump

    I'm not a regular LET poster, just happen to got some idea of what happened lately. That thread is not available anymore? Edit: Never mind, it is cleared...