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    Unique Hosting Design (PSD)

    Hello Everyone. I've had this one sitting about for awhile its not going to end up being used by myself now as the project hasn't gone ahead. This is a PSD only with no coding. Excuse the branding, it was random :) BIN: $100 USD ONO Additional Pages: $40 each. Multiple pages will be...
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    Dedicated Minds / [email protected] /TTS Migration Clifton,NJ -> Weehawken, NJ!

    We've just received the following email  for a migration next month (Short notice!)  I'm currently going over some details about the migration now, hopefully they can provide some better details on the move an email is being dispatched to everyone that we've got in Clifton, NJ. Not a great...
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    Do you use the default WHMCS Support system?

    Hi, Just curious what people here use to manage there support systems? We all know WHMCS provides a default support system but in all honestly I hate it. I am more of a Kayako man myself, until I noticed it was $29/Mo PER OPERATOR which is a bit extreme for what I need at the moment :P As an...
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    Market Research: New Jersey KVM VPS

    Hello Everyone, As said previously we are currently preparing our expansions in New Jersey one of the main things we will be introducing is our KVM series, this will be live within the next 2 weeks or so however we'd like to hear your thoughts on the lineup we have planned. As it stands we...
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    Launch Specials! cPanel/WHM Resellers w/ 40% OFF - FREE BLESTA - FREE DOMAIN - 99.99% UPTIME Start

    Greetings VPSBoard,   We'd like to introduce our new cPanel/WHM Reseller hosting plans to you all!   As a little special we've included a 40% discount on all of our plans, you also get some neat goodies included to help you grow your business :)   Our Hosting plans are built with...
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    What’s New at cPanel: IPv6 and 1:1 NAT Support

    Only been waiting a while, just need those crappy ISP's to start using IPv6!
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    Buying HDD's in USA? Recommendations needed

    Hi, Currently looking at buying some hard drives in the US for our services. Anybody got a good suggestion where to buy from? Good deals etc? Recommendation on Model? I'm from the UK so its a bit different here. Reece
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    [EAST COAST] New York City VPS ★ INSTANT SETUP ★ 100% UPTIME★ $10 cPanel/WHM!

    Hey everyone :) We have some new plans on offer today, grab them awhile stocks last! We're a Relatively New & Ambitious company based in England, providing a wide range of services such as Startup Hosting, VPS Hosting & Web Consultancy to small businesses and like minded people who want to own...
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    Perfect VPS Node Special! -- NYC - E3-1270v2 + LSI RAID10 + Upto /25 IPv4 FREE! -- Just $229/Month

    Hello Everyone, Quite a limited deal < 10 Servers to be provisioned. We're passing on these savings to new Start-ups in the VPS World. Good to see something Non-Colocrossing right? :P These servers will be hosted in Lower Manhattan, New York w/ Zayo/Abovenet & GTT Bandwidth. New York City...
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    Dedicated Minds - Manhattan, NYC VPS - VPSBoard Exclusive DOUBLE RAM + 15% OFF!

    GET DOUBLE RAM ON ALL 512MB + VPS's DOUBLE IPv4 & 15% OFF RECURRING Code: DOUBLEBUBBLE Limited to 15 Signups Only! Hello Everyone, We're back with some goodies we'd like to share exclusively to VPSBoard Members/Guests! About us: Dedicated Minds specialises in affordable Web...
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    Power Consumption: L5520/L5639 - 72GB /4x or 8x HDD's?

    Hi, Taking a peak about for some hardware, looking at grabbing some HP DL380 G6's/ Dell C1100 which have the l5520/l5639 CPU along with 48 - 72GB RAM and up to 8 SATA Disks. Anybody got a rough idea on the amount of power this will be pulling? Please help :unsure:
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    Wanted: PSD > HTML/CSS

    Hey  I this week following I will require someone to take apart a PSD I have and code it into html/css with a few little features. Nothing to complicated. Looking for a good price nothing to expensive. Index + Sub page. Cheers ;)
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    IOMart buys Redstation for £6.6m

    Fresh in: Redstation has been sold:
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    [NYC] cPanel/WHM VPS Just $16.95! -- 384MB - $2.95/MO or $22/YR - 786MB/$4.95 - 15% OFF Recurring P

    cPanel/WHM NYC VPS COMBO - Just $17.00! cPanel/WHM - 1.5GB RAM - 70GB HDD - 1250GB BW - 2 IP's! $7.00/Mo - Deploy VPS  Just add cPanel/WHM on Checkout!     Hello Everyone, Firstly Myself & Tyler would like to thank everyone for the fantastic feedback we received upon our public offers. We've...
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    UK Dedicated Servers -- Interested?

    Hi, Well as some of you may know (Or not) we're based in the UK which is going to be our main focus point for operations in Europe. We were processing some servers for ourselves then it popped into my mind, would anybody else be interested in a fresh dedicated server line here in the UK? My...
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    The Almighty' Bitcoin Discussion.

    As to some peoples beliefs bitcoin is the biggest thing since sliced bread, however some believe its a waste of time and you money. I've been monitoring the value of BTC and the news coverage regarding it and I have seen positive gains over the previous weeks ranging from $89 - $112 along with...
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    [DM] Yes it's New York City! - 15% OFF + DOUBLE RAM? - 128MB @ $17/Yr - 1.5GB @ $5.90?!

    Hello VPSBoard, I would like to welcome you to one of our first public offerings!   About Dedicated Minds: We're a relatively new & Ambitious company based in England, providing a wide range of services such as Startup Hosting, VPS Hosting & Web Consultancy to Start-up's and like minded people...
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    Stripe UK Launch + Multi-Currency Support!

    Making online payments work better also means making them work everywhere. Today, we’re getting a little closer: we’re crossing the Atlantic and launching Stripe in the UK. We’ve worked hard not to compromise with this expansion. UK users get the same instant activation that we provide in the...
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    Average cPanel VPS license cost?

    Hi, Just a quick one: What would you say was the average cost per cPanel VPS Optimized license from a provider? $10? $13? 
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    Virtualization Within Virtualization? Vmware -> OpenVZ?

    Hi, Well I remember seeing the fiasco with some tom dick or a harry stating a provider was using this technique with their production servers, as I know  Vmware allows memory ballooning which shares the same memory between certain processes per VM which in effect could benefit over sellers...