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    Future VPS Company Dead Pool Wager Hall

    Then eventually they'll collapse on themselves.
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    GVH suspended after minor use of 100TB plan

    That's been it all along.
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    Unique Hosting Design (PSD)

    Hello Everyone. I've had this one sitting about for awhile its not going to end up being used by myself now as the project hasn't gone ahead. This is a PSD only with no coding. Excuse the branding, it was random :) BIN: $100 USD ONO Additional Pages: $40 each. Multiple pages will be...
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    GreenValueHost outsources customer support to India.

    I think someone needs to do business studies at school. Why would you ban a customer because he's asked you to sort his ticket? clearly this means there is a problem with your support, if you here replying to this thread where is all of your NEW SUPPORT STAFF at? Dreamland?
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    US based dedicated server needed

    Got a location preference?  :) I assume this will be a VPS node, so what specs are you looking for?
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    Do you accept Bitcoins as a payment method? Why? Why not? (Plus other questions)

    We were considering running a trial on Bitcoin/Litecoin not something we've got set in stone yet but we do have the odd clients that do pay us already with this.
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    East Coast USA VPS/Dedicated provider with premium network?

    [email protected] / Wiresix? I would say Clifton, but were moving to Weehawken,NJ next month.. Still waiting on full details.
  8. R Jack's Company Sold to Oktay/Serverian/Backupsy/etc.

    Looking good. Couldn't think of a better person to own the business along with Jack still being able to run it. All the best :P
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    Dedicated Minds / [email protected] /TTS Migration Clifton,NJ -> Weehawken, NJ!

    No doubt the migration will be done well. I am waiting on further information about the new facility with a little luck we can get ipv6 into place too.
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    Dedicated Minds / [email protected] /TTS Migration Clifton,NJ -> Weehawken, NJ!

    We've just received the following email  for a migration next month (Short notice!)  I'm currently going over some details about the migration now, hopefully they can provide some better details on the move an email is being dispatched to everyone that we've got in Clifton, NJ. Not a great...
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    Do you guys use FraudRecord or similar blacklists?

    Brilliant for tracking abusers.
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    Storage VPS New Jersey - Choopa

    What about good ol' Clifton?  :wub: Nice bandwidth mix as well: Global Crossing, Level 3, Savvis, Abovenet  I can offer the following to you, it is OpenVZ but the 100GB you've ordered you can happily use though! - 2 Cores (E5-2620) - 100GB RAID10 Storage - 512MB RAM - 1TB Bandwidth @ 1Gbps...
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    Big RAM VPS - who actually uses them and for what?

    We have quite a few people running cPanel w/ multiple sites on our 3GB offers. Most are untouched so a little heavy on the RAM but its not a problem :P
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    Looking for VPS reseller program with IPv6

    Hi Net, Replied to that PM you sent me (VPSB bugged out and I lost the orig!) If anybody else is looking for a VPS reseller free to give me a shout we're very competitive & have a unique location that's not with ColoCrossing  ;-) ...Hehehe Cheers!
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    Wanted: VPS Reseller/White Label

    That's brilliant to hear! :-) We can show you how to get everything in place that's not a problem either. If you have any other questions please contact myself or one of the team via your ticket that's open. This probably would be the easiest way as ive only noticed this post on a off...
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    Wanted: VPS Reseller/White Label

    Hi Tessel If you could me give some of your requirements im sure i can put something together for you. The cost of ips would depend also on the resources and the number of vps that you have actively deployed. Obviosly if you have good enough justification we have no problem providing more...
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    Do you use the default WHMCS Support system?

    Not saying it don't work fine, it just don't provide a clean feel to managing our support tickets. In comparison we have a clear view of what needs to be done and when its needed along with a much better interface to manage emails, departments, tracking etc.  it also provides an  API to WHMCS...
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    Running your own vestacp instance

    I will have to say I've been using this for a few weeks myself on various projects, its a nice bit of kit!
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    Do you use the default WHMCS Support system?

    Hi, Just curious what people here use to manage there support systems? We all know WHMCS provides a default support system but in all honestly I hate it. I am more of a Kayako man myself, until I noticed it was $29/Mo PER OPERATOR which is a bit extreme for what I need at the moment :P As an...
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    Monitors and RasPis

    Thanks everyone, i think its about time I go get myself a RasperryPI :D