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    DDoS Mitigation GRE Tunnel w/ BGP

    As per title, I'm looking to setup something similar to what BuyVM or RamNode has this moment, except with my own IPs and ASN. Preferably filtering is done around East coast USA. I have some colocated hardware, hosting gameservers and small websites for a medium-sized online community. TCP /...
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    [Tutorial] SSD Cache with Flashcache

    Having SSD cache set up on a HDD based server is an inexpensive way of increasing IO throughput and system performance. It does not require any special hardware such as a RAID card to do the job. Flashcache is an open source project maintained by Facebook. It is built on top of the Linux...
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    Looking for a dedicated server with SSD

    Hello, I'm looking for a dedicated server with the following specs: -Single or Dual Xeon CPU -Any RAM -4 or 6 SSDs (any size) -Hardware RAID 10 -Any Bandwidth -Any IP allocation -Any Location Budget: $150/month This is a testing machine so there isn't any specific requirements except...
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    MaxMind: Updated EULA and Privacy Policy

    Time to block cookies!!
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    Looking for a Dual CPU dedi with 64GB+ RAM

    Hello, I'm looking for a dedicated server with the following specs: 64GB or more DDR3 RAM Two CPUs (L5520/5639 or E5) 4*1TB or 2TB HDD (8 drives/SSD cache/pure SSD optional) HW RAID 10 + BBU 10TB+ @ 1Gbps IPMI or equivalent Ability to use BGP to announce my own IP subnet IPv6 Support...
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    OpenVZ VPS + /64 or /112 IPv6

    Hello, I'm trying to add IPv6 subnets in OpenVZ (veth) using this command vzctl set CTID --ipadd (ipv6 address) --save but I don't think it's capable of adding a subnet (either /64 or /112). I tried to route the IP from the host node but it still doesn't work. Does anyone have a solution...
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    Looking for 2 SSL Certificates

    Hello, I'm looking for 2 SSL certificates, one single domain DV and one WildCard DV. Any CA is fine as long as they are trusted in most of the operating systems. Currently the best prices I've seen is $4.99 and $74.99 from Crissic, however I'm looking for more options. Any suggestions? Thanks
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    vpsBoard Random Downtime

    Has anyone noticed the constant downtime of this forum? I get 504/502 or timeouts nearly 25% of the time I visit the forum.
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    Suggestions for PetaByet

    Hi Guys, So I have got some good feedbacks and suggestions for PetaByet over the last 2 months, I have put them in the poll for you to decide the new features for PetaByet V2. Multiple selections are allowed :) If you have any suggestions that is not in the poll, feel free to post them below...
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    Crissic 512MB KVM

    Provider: Crissic Plan: 512MB KVM Price: $4/month or $40/year Location: Jacksonville Offer Link: Crissic's KVM is back, so I decided to give it a shot and do a quick review...
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    PetaByet V1

    Hello guys,   I'm here announcing the launch of PetaByet V1. I've spent a month improving it, providing better & more accurate benchmark reports.   PetaByet offers fast & easy server benchmarking. It takes only 2-5 minutes to complete and tests your disk IO + network. Furthermore, it checks your...
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    LOLCode   LOLCODE is an esoteric programming language inspired by lolspeak, the language expressed in examples of the lolcat Internet meme. The language was created in 2007 by Adam Lindsay, researcher at the Computing Department of Lancaster University. The language is not clearly defined in...
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    More restrictions on offer posting?

    Yeah so lots of offers that I can find here are the same as offers on LET/B or DSD. Boring. Guys do you think we should put some restrictions? Like offers must be unique and at least 1 plan over $7/mo needs to be offered.
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    Server + Domain Manager - Private Beta Stage

    Hey there, I've been working on a server + domain manager called ServerHantering (Swedish for server management) for some days and I'm happy to announce that I'm looking for some beta testers. Why did I make the script: I have lots of domains and servers purchased from various providers (and...
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    VPSBoard New Logo

    For those not following VPSBoard on Twitter, here you go: The new VPSBoard logo design. What do you think? @MannDude
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    14 Zettabytes!

    I'm getting weird emails from cPanel, saying "DISKCRITICAL" in the title.     Here is my df -Th command output: [email protected] [~]# df -Th Filesystem                         Type   Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on ********************************** ext4    50G   12G   36G  25% / *****          ...
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    Selling a VPS Blog

    Hello! I recently created a VPS blog+forum ( but I don't have enough time to manage it. I would like to pass this on to somebody to take care of it better. So, what you'll get: and .net domain $18 -WordPress theme from ThemeForest $55 -Two plugins from CodeCanyon...
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    New GeoIP & JsonIP API

    Hello! I have just completed a script which provides GeoIP information for a certain IP. This project was originally created for my only so the script won't have to access external sites anymore to get the information, however I thought it would be a great idea if I could open this up for free...
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    AIT Cloud Server Review

    After somebody mentioned AIT cloud hosting in this forum (, I decided to give it a shot and here is a quick review. -Slow deployment: They promised 30 seconds deployment, but that's the time for VPS creation. It takes about 2-5 more minutes to get an IP address...
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    Digitalocean coupons?

    I'm trying to find some digitalocean coupon codes/free credit offers to feed my account but most of them are "expired". Is there any active codes or promotions?