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  1. lv-matt

    Windows 10 anyone?

    I was speaking to a microsoft guy about two weeks ago, from what I got out of him they are pretty much seeking one unified experiance across all devices. Which with the ever growing popularity of tablets is becoming more and more prevelent. Also look out for some new tablets coming out around...
  2. lv-matt

    How did you come up with your company name?

    I purchased mine of someone else who had already come up with it for $XXX.
  3. lv-matt

    [LoveVPS] Spring Sale :: Crazy discounts :: 2GB RAM from $7/mo

    Yes they are Hardware RAID 10 with a BBU, the specific drives depend on which node you get placed on.
  4. lv-matt

    [LoveVPS] Spring Sale :: Crazy discounts :: 2GB RAM from $7/mo

    Hello, Yes this is only valid in Florida and we can add cPanel for you for an additional $14.00/mo.
  5. lv-matt

    [LoveVPS] Spring Sale :: Crazy discounts :: 2GB RAM from $7/mo

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- LoveVPS – Fall in love your VPS! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello! We are LoveVPS we provide loveable unmanaged VPS solutions for people like you! We essentially...
  6. lv-matt

    Is anyone else using LoveVPS?

    Hello, Yes we are on here; I am aware of your support ticket which was answered today; all be it with an un-acceptable delay. I can see from your account that your invoices are now being split. You issues with your UK server; I am 100% sure are not a network / hardware issue and appear to be...
  7. lv-matt

    NinjaHawk Purchased By One of the Giants* of the VPS Industry

    Welcome to TMZ, Daniel really isn't the sharpest knife in the draw, up until a few months ago he thought he had been buying fail-proof HDDs :) Judging by the lack of proof reading in his email this was a really cheap deal for him, and the fact he is handling the migrations so poorly already...
  8. lv-matt

    Market Research - KVM Pricepoint. What would YOU want to pay?

    Can we introduce a new rule? Lets be honest, all these threads are less about market research and more about advertisements for there brand, and should belong in the advertising forums. If it was really about research you would be first of all contacting and surveying current customers and...
  9. lv-matt

    GetKVM_Ash back with yet another VPS brand

    You missed his last one with UK servers. South Yorkshire IT, started offering VPS, stopped a few days / weeks ago. That brand lasted about a month.
  10. lv-matt

    Market Research: New Jersey KVM VPS

    No, due to your prior history of fraud and to the existing failure of your current enterprise. Your closure of your NYC location, demonstrated that you put minimal planning and thought into DedicateMinds. Making it clear to me your mind isn't dedicated to the world of hosting, just dedicated to...
  11. lv-matt

    Your computer uptime?

    23 days is the current count :D
  12. lv-matt

    Staying healthy in this industry

    Regular breaks away from the PC (not the most healthy breaks if I am honest though), I have a long drive to work, so I can't cycle or anything like that, hence I try and make it to the gym once a week. Other than that frequent walks to and from the pub.
  13. lv-matt

    iPhone 5s is the best iphone since the last iphone

    I won't be upgrading my 5, I will just wait a year for the 6.
  14. lv-matt

    GetKVM acquired by Bradler & Krantz & Co.

    He did, he was offering 2GB KVM VPSs on LET for $7.
  15. lv-matt

    512Mb VPS in Europe

    Hello, I can offer you this on a KVM VPS in Kent (UK - Europe) or if you with in Orlando (East Coast - USA). 512MB RAM 25GB HDD (Hardware RAID 10) 2 IPv4 Addresses 500GB Bandwidth For $6.95 per month. LoveVPS won't be the cheapest offer you get on here, I can tell you that. But we will be...
  16. lv-matt

    UK Dedicated Servers -- Interested?

    I did speak to you, and its very much in the interests of people on this forum if they are going to be buying services from you (exactly as Martin said - above). I could have posted this in your ad thread for instance, or opened a new thread up with an inventive new title. Speaking of which, I...
  17. lv-matt

    UK Dedicated Servers -- Interested?

    Strange you told PolurNet a different thing: What ever evidence you had to the contrary, clearly didn't convince the mods at WHT, they banned you over it.
  18. lv-matt

    UK Dedicated Servers -- Interested?

    I remember why, he did some lovely PayPal account hacking. Remember me yet Reece? Right first of all I present you Reece he still owns another hosting company: Now lets have a quick search on google for: this1host...
  19. lv-matt

    SSD servers

    Hello, I can do that for you for $52.00/mo RAM: 2GB SSD (RAID 10): 60GB Bandwidth: 2TB IPv4 Addresses: 5 WHMCS License (Internal Branded) cPanel & WHM license KVM Location: Orlando, Florida. Price: $52.00/mo Drop me a PM on here or an email on "[email protected]" if you wish to...
  20. lv-matt

    Need a 512MB RAM vps - any location

    $7.00/mo for: RAM: 512MB RAM Diskspace: 15GB RAID 10 SSD Diskspace Location: Orlando, Florida Bandwidth: 1TB IPv4: 1 IPv6: 16 Send me a PM or drop me an email on "matthew [at]" and I will get it setup for you.