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    WHM Tutorials | How to Suspend an Account?

    Great knowledge base has been shared.
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    Which server security software you are using?

    For linux servers, Imunify Security is the best security solution. Keep your servers safe and functional by trusting all anti-malware tasks to Imunify360.
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    Is HostBill worth its Price ?

    I recommend WHMCS since it has more features than HostBill.
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    How to improve your VPS service?

    If you have been having issues with the speed of your VPS hosted website or you are looking for ways to make your website perform better, hopefully, mention the below points: Adjusting the settings on Apache, updating your MySQL version, using a CDN, optimising your content and caching can all...
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    DrawBack in Laravel

    The Composer is sufficiently powerful. Laravel is a new framework, thus it's challenging for developers to get their minds around it.
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    Increase traffic?

    On the web, there are numerous hosting forums. If you want to improve traffic to your website, the Webhosting Talk Forum is the perfect place to start.
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    How do you exclude a sub-directory via bash?

    find /home/feeds/data -type f -not -path "*def/incoming*" -not -path "*456/incoming*" find /home/feeds/data: start finding recursively from specified path -type f: find files only -not -path "*def/incoming*": don't include anything with def/incoming as part of its path -not -path...
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    Programming Language

    I would be going with - Java and Php.
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    What is the use of Java in hadoop?

    Apache Hadoop is a free and open source platform that uses the Linux operating system and the Java programming language. Java is a programming language that is used to store, analyse, and process huge data sets. The choice of Java as the programming language for Hadoop development was pure...
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    VPS hosting for uploading videos to the website ?

    Yes, Dedicated server hosting is best for uploading videos on website, rather than vps hosting.
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    What Backup Software Do YOU Use?

    Currently I'm using Bacula one of the best backup solution.
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    What are you listening to right now?

    Well I learning now AWS videos.