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    Confluence is a great product. Especially for documentations. MediaWiki is the way to go, otherwise. While docuwiki is great for 'internal' wikis, it's nowhere as powerful as MediaWiki is.
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    How To Contact Support, Properly.

    @InertiaNetworks-John, at least they write in understandable English with you :) 
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    Clientexec - Its bad

    Request to someone who is using it: Why are you using it? Are there any killer-features we're missing? And, finally, did you use WHMCS? Always wondered why there are people who use CE, there must be a reason! :)
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    My VPN IP requires me to type a CAPTCHA code to use Google search.

    As far as I know this happens when there was malicious activity going on within the subnet. For example many many search requests fired on google (there are things like spiders which search google and let you make your 'own' search engine). I've seen that with my mobile connection sometimes...
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    Billing system discussion

    That would definitively be great! There are enough closed-source systems out there on the market. As @jhadley said he wants to be different than the other systems anyway, this would be a great way to go!  
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    Domain registrars and DNS server hosters

    We like using While we were using Cloudflare before, we're using more and more... We like using for this job. We were switching to them from Cloudflare due to the missing dnssec.
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    How-To: Fail2Ban with Blocklist (automatic Abuse-Mails w/ X-arf)

    Hey VPS Board, i've just finished my article about how to use Fail2Ban with Blocklist. As I personally and also our company likes Blocklist and we support it, we thought providing an easy tutorial would bring it to peoples attention that such a project existed. Blocklist receives your Fail2Ban...
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    I have OCD Help!

    Yes, it also looks better when written in capital :)
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    Billing system discussion

    Well, reporting is a must for a billing system. Detailed forecasts and such are a must have in each billing system. Then Tax and a little bit customization for every country (for example Europe, have different Invoice numbers for unpaid and paid invoices). In general, I probably wouldn't...
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    Stallion 2 - pictures and daily updates :)

    Damn :) Jelly now ;) Looks really good.
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    Any OpenVZ Templates Needed

    I like this idea. However, it should come with some kind of easy configuration scripts as well. 
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    WHMCS PayPal Subscription Option

    Just checked it and it works on our installations. They show the PayPal Subscription button the Invoice.
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    Credit Cards

    Credit Cards ain't that common here in Germany. We usually just use a bank card to pay stuff (and PayPal allows us to use our bank cards in most cases, except subscriptions). However, as there are some companies where you can only pay with a credit card, we got one recently. Was a pain in the...
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    Stallion 2 - pictures and daily updates :)

    The look and feel of that control panel is really nice. And I just heard WHMCS module which makes this even more interesting. Do you know anything about pricing yet? Will it be similar to SolusVMs?
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    Stripe: The payment processor that can't make up it's mind!

    Stripe looks interesting. And fees look lot better than 2checkout. Will give this a try.
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    Setting up development environment for PHP+MySQL using VirtualBox

    Or if you develop across a few machines, just get a usual VPS apache/mysql installation and use WinSCP for editing (it will upload each time you save). I found that working the best. Still interesting read, thanks.
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    Happy 25th Birthday MannDude!

    Happy Birthday to you guys :)
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    LowEndTalkin' is back - this time we did it right

    The scope of the forums is just low-end while on here the whole spectrum is going to be discussed. I honestly can't find anything wrong :)
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    Clientexec - Its bad

    I've used clientexec some years ago. I didn't like it at all. And security updates all the time.  Thanks for bringing this issue to attention. (And everyone who uses ClientExec should consider changing to WHMCS/Blesta/...)
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    Starting a hosting company

    This. And also , you should know how to calculate cost and income realistically in advance. It's an stupid idea to start with 5 dedicated servers when you can't even fill one.