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  1. datarealm

    8x E3-1271 v3 Cluster, 32GB RAM, 256GB SSD/2TB SATA, A+B Power $899

    We use some microcloud systems.  Really nice setup.
  2. datarealm

    Spamming hosting clients

    No reason not to notify them. Anyhow, in the grand scheme of things one clients vs. your entire reputation is never a tough call.
  3. datarealm

    VPS with cPanel

    We can do a 512MB vps for $5/mo or a 1GB for $10/month.  cPanel through us is $15/month.  Discounts across the board are available for semi-annual or annual prepay.
  4. datarealm

    Do you sell domain names too?

    Automating a check on domain expiration date should be quite simple.  Managing a domain is (or at least should be) one of least painful aspects of hosting.
  5. datarealm

    Automatically provision dedicated servers... how?

    All you need is console access and a PXE boot server.
  6. datarealm

    'Cloud' chassis - anyone using them?

    We use SuperMicro microcloud for our cloud nodes.  As you mentioned the main reason is space savings.  They are also fairly easy to work with and cuts down on power cords/management.
  7. datarealm

    Low performance dedi for backup, preferably outside US

    On a dedicated server $12.50/mo barely covers the space and power to say nothing of bandwidth, hardware, support, etc. I would recommend either looking for storage only options, or upping your budget a bit.
  8. datarealm

    What is your favourite linux-based operating system?

    Hmmm...  First install we ever did was Slackware iirc.  Of course RedHat didn't exist at the time.  And naturally we had to use floppies -- how else were we going to load the system?  :D
  9. datarealm

    What is your favourite linux-based operating system?

    Certainly have nothing against other distros, but for servers we enjoy working with CentOS
  10. datarealm

    New E5 V3's

    Are you looking for a server or just curious about offers?
  11. datarealm

    Huge increase in brute force attacks?

    We haven't seen much change in ssh, but wordpress has been through the roof.  The biggest increase has been probes for wordpress's xmlrpc...
  12. datarealm

    Computer chairs. What do you recommend?

    I used an exercise ball for a long while as an office chair and it really helped my lower back and shoulder which were both incredibly sore from bad sitting posture....
  13. datarealm

    DigitalOcean vs Vultr vs Mothership1?

    Blatant self promotion here, but we have an CloudStack platform running in Phoenix if you ever want another stateside option. Also thanks for once again pointing out how DO and Vultr are trying to gain some sort of marketing edge calling themselves cloud instead of vps.  True there are no set...
  14. datarealm

    Question regarding OVH spam filtering and providers that use them.

    They have an open source edition: Though it appears it hasn't been updated for 2 years, which is almost exactly as long as its been since i've looked into it.  (Did a fabulous job at the time though as a total drop in replacement for the barracuda that dropped dead)
  15. datarealm

    Question regarding OVH spam filtering and providers that use them.

    have you ever tried mailcleaner? we installed it once at a small provider who had a barracuda that bit the dust and thought it was fantastic.  would be curious how you thought it compared to ASSP.
  16. datarealm

    question on github terms of service

    Thanks. How does that work though?  GitHub TOS explicitly states that any posted project can be forked.  By definition isn't a project fork where it is used to create derivative work? Seems like forking and CC BY-ND are mutually exclusive.
  17. datarealm

    question on github terms of service

    Yeah, figured republishing would be ok.  What about altering? Again, no plans, just a hypothetical I found intriguing.
  18. datarealm

    question on github terms of service

    Anyone have any experience on github? Just a point of curiosity.....  I see linode recently published all their guides and tutorials on github.  Glancing at the github terms I see: "We claim no intellectual property rights over the material you provide to the Service. Your profile and...
  19. datarealm

    Leaving SolusVM

    Haven't used it for too long yet, but thus far we have been with Virtualizor.
  20. datarealm

    Your opinion as a dedicated server customer

    I do not have much experience with drac or iLo, but if you are using IPMI then run, don't walk,  from those providers.  Fast.  IPMI on a public network is just begging for trouble...  Being a budget provider means you charge a reasonable fee for service.  It does not mean that you have to offer...