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  1. juan

    Help with xmpp server(self hosted)

    Has anybody successfully setup prosody on their vps with proxy65 enabled? I already have a running xmpp server on a 32mb vps, i can send/receive messages, create conference room, but i need to be able to send files especially images and that's where i have been failing for the past hours. If i...
  2. juan

    Small linux distrubitions

    Crunchbang is nice too
  3. juan

    Alternative Media Server like PLEX?

    I'm more used to with FreeBSD in terms of security and PF, but if i can't find the alternative, well, i might just use debian too, i can't just dispose the vps since it's hosted by a very reputable provider and it has a very reasonable price for its specs because of the discounted promotions.
  4. juan

    Alternative Media Server like PLEX?

    Is there any media server like plex that i can run on a vps? I have a good running plex server running on debian and i would like to setup one too on a FreeBSD, problem is plex can only work on an x64 version of FreeBSD and the vps provider doesn't allow FreeBSD x64. Thanks.
  5. juan

    Best vps tutorial site?

  6. juan

    Free Hosted Ghost

    AnchorCMS might be a good alternative too for lightweight blogging.
  7. juan

    What do you think of Ghost (blogging platform)

    The process of setting it up still needs improvement... or maybe its just me and FreeBSD. But yeah it looks really cool. 
  8. juan

    Running a FreeBSD server with jails

    that's perfect, if you can include which port to open also on pf. thanks a lot!
  9. juan

    Running a FreeBSD server with jails

    how about running your own xmpp server on freebsd? thanks and your tutorials really helped me alot.
  10. juan

    Best practice for handling www root folder?

    Can i get an insight on what are the best practice for a secured public_html? Currently I'm uploading a joomla website on a vps and these is what i planned to do: make a non-ssh user, 'user1' invite user1 to www-data group put the public_html on user1's home chown -R user1:ww-data...
  11. juan

    Best way to backup whole OVZ vps?

    The vps provider will be migrating my vps to another location, and i just want to be cautious and ready for bacup if anything happens, what's the best way to backup the whole vps? Thanks.
  12. juan

    [Request] Wordpress from localhost to vps migration.

    I have moved wp sites before and i always forget how and what files and folders should i change permissions. This is where i always messed up the migration. And nope i don't use cp, just the command line for all.
  13. juan

    [Request] Wordpress from localhost to vps migration.

    Good Day, can someone give a better secure tutorial of migrating wordpress site from localhost to vps with the complete better file/folder permissions. I have a bunch of wordpress site that are hosted locally on a desktop machine and will be migrated to a vps. Thanks in advance.
  14. juan

    what to do with this domain?

    okay, so does that mean i have to write the blog entries? I'm much more of on design rather on words.
  15. juan

    what to do with this domain?

    I have this domain vpsforsale(dot)com. It was once auctioned on LEB but got deleted and was parked on sedo since then. Now that i got time to kickstart a mini project but unfortunately i can't formulate any ideas to develop the domain. I can code html/css/jquery on an advance level by the way...
  16. juan

    What are you using IPv6 for?

    vps to vps live backup every specified hour.
  17. juan

    Top Providers Poll

    Ramnode SecureDragon IPXCore
  18. juan

    Who can offer me the cheapeat vps on the planet?

    Cloudshards recently offered 64mb for $7/yr.
  19. juan

    Any interest in these 64MB plans?

    Good ping from the PH, I'll definitely have one.
  20. juan

    Google Authenticator on VPS

    this looks good too, for those who want to try it out: