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    vpsBoard Top Providers of 2014 voting.

    What date is now? Still allowed to vote? - Prometeus for all points
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    We will, we will DDoS you...

    Oh, so it's a DDoS? I tought it was just my ISP blocking some websites, and problem with DSLAM. When will this kind of game stopped? It's really not nice if we can't open our favourite site.
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    What is everyone doing for IRC?

    I'm a Windows users, so I just use my vps as IRC bouncer using znc, which will record 100+ last chat logs, and connect to it using Hexchat
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    Hey man, you're getting old.

    :D We're getting older
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    Hey man, you're getting old.

    Hehe... He's 1 year older than me :) I'll be 30 this December. How about you Aldryic?
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    Happy 26th Birthday MannDude!

    Happy birthday MannDude :)
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    CraftingServers | UK & USA | cPanel | SSD | Instant Setup | $0.49/Month |★ 50% Discount ★| 2 Months

    maybe offtopic, so this comment can be removed. Just curious since I don't follow the court thread. How is it?
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    Google Announcement

    Ys, the hidden message in the page source :
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    Proxmox IPv6 only?

    I'm using a dedicated from which comes with 1 IPv4, and using IPv6 tunnel from HE. I make some vps from the dedi using IPv6 and IPv4 NAT. All can work, but adding the IPv6/Tun/Tap/PPP by manual.
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    ChicagoVPS hacked SolusVM, Bypassed Licensing, and is Running Illegal Cracked Copies of Solus

    If anyone can check the owner of this SolusVM key, it would be great :) SVMSO-RQ60Z-OC5LF-6F9TH-81B4M-W0W8C-YNBHZ
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    Self-Hosted Web Proxy?

    I choose to use squid3 rather than Glype. Because our Glype installation can be indexed by Google or search engine, and many poeple will use it for free. ( If we don't set a whitelist or protection)
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    It's vpsBoard's birthday! Happy one year birthday!

    Hm.. It's been a year :) Congratulations
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    Where are you from?

    I'm from Indonesia, but not having a business now. Just an employee.
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    The truth about Mao and BuyVM

    I'm tired reading all of those loooong posts. Maybe it should ended here, or one more page, with each apology.
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    If you weren't working in this industry, what would you rather be doing?

    For a farmer oriented, maybe we could try FarmVille in Facebook? :D
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    If you weren't working in this industry, what would you rather be doing?

    Hm.. Except in the Internet, for my daily life, I work as a technician. Maybe I could farm too, or become a psychic :D
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    iran vps?

    Any links to provider in Iran?
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    Anyone need free billing? :)

    It's makes me curious, because I believe I saw you offering loading deck in this few weeks, so no one purchased it yet?