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    cPanel Supports LiteSpeed Web Server

    Howdy all,   Actually, it's been happening for almost a month now, but cPanel and LiteSpeed have announced yesterday that cPanel is officially supporting LSWS-cPanel users through their ticket system.   It's all explained here...
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    Looking for a Full-Time, On-Site Linux SysAdmin (LiteSpeed Technologies)

    Looking for a sysadmin for our core team to provide technical support to LiteSpeed users. (Linux/Unix, Apache, cPanel experience required. Web hosting experience preferred.)   LiteSpeed Technologies is looking for a flexible, motivated sysadmin with experience and interest in web hosting and...
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    LiteSpeed vs. OpenLiteSpeed vs. nginx vs. Apache 2.2 vs. Apache 2.4!

    The battle you've been waiting for! We just released a couple of new benchmarks (small static files) for LiteSpeed Enterprise, OpenLiteSpeed, nginx, Apache 2.2 prefork, and Apache 2.4 event MPM. Enterprise and OpenLiteSpeed whipped everyone else, of course. Summary blog post Small static file...