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    TLD Sales - Ends March 31st! - .biz | .com | .me | .org

    Top level domain sale.. Ends March 31st!   BIZ = $5.49 COM = $9.45 ME = $9.67 ORG = $4.94 SEE IF YOUR DOMAIN IS AVAILABLE
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    Joomla/WHMCS Integration

    Hello, Has anyone had any experience with smoothly intertwining the popular CMS with the widely used hosting management & billing system? Just curious to know what methods and approaches you may have used. Regards,
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    UK Presence -

    We're really interested in building as stronger impression in the United Kingdom as we've seen that many of our newest clients are located in that region of the world. We are looking to build relationships with other hosting providers in that area who we can possibly work out a deal of some kind...
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    Game Hosting?

    Hello, I wanted to know what was everyone's opinion in regards to hosting servers strictly for game hosting? === Is this something that some of you are currently offering? If so, what have you found to be the best hardware specifications and setup? Regards,
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    Will be offering Colocation services in the Detroit area

    We're hoping that we will be providing our clients with Colocation services in our Southfield/Detroit datacenter within the next 90 days. Our Detroit location provides super fast connectivity as it resides on the main fiber running through the Midwest area.  We use nothing but the best...
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    FTP issues for clients on a VPS

    I had a  few clients who were having issues accessing their FTP accounts using 'File Zilla'. === I ended up solving the issue by turning off 'tx-checksumming' which was originally set to on. ethtool -k eth0 Features for eth0: rx-checksumming: on tx-checksumming: on === Not sure if anyone...
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    Poor IP Reputation from Client Abuse

    One of the things that really gets under my skin as a vps provider is that when people simply abuse their leased IP address and then complain about being on several blacklist. It's very poor that people behave this way but this is something web must accept.