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  1. datarealm

    question on github terms of service

    Anyone have any experience on github? Just a point of curiosity.....  I see linode recently published all their guides and tutorials on github.  Glancing at the github terms I see: "We claim no intellectual property rights over the material you provide to the Service. Your profile and...
  2. datarealm

    Soft Launch: 512MB KVM - $5/mo [Phoenix]

    Datarealm is doing a soft launch on our new KVM VPS offers (previous VPS's were all Xen).  Prices shown are monthly, additional discounts are 5% for 6 month prepaid or 10% for 12 month prepaid.  Storage is local RAID on HDD. ====================== 512MB KVM - 512MB RAM - 1 Core - 10GB Disk...
  3. datarealm

    Load Balanced Cluster •• From $3.71/mo •• Dedicated IP •• SSAE-16 II •• Since 1995!

    Offering web hosting solutions since 1995! ====================== We have a wide range of services at unbeatable prices hosted from our Phoenix, AZ SSAE-16 Type II Certified Data Center. We've been hosting websites for almost 20 years and put all of that experience and knowledge into our...
  4. datarealm

    Consumer perspective: openvz vs KVM

    The openvz vs kvm debate recurs over and over...  (full disclosure, my preference is Xen). At this point, there seems to be very little differentiation between the two in pricing.  So as a consumer, I cannot understand why if price is out of the equation that you would consider choosing openvz...