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    [USA] ✔ Professional Xen Windows VPS Hosting ✔ ***From 7 $ / GB***

    Hello, dear community, users of VPSBoard. I am here today beacuse i would like to introduce you and tell you about our newest offer. Since it is christmas, i hope moderators will approve my offer, as i will not spam the forum to gain posts in order to post this offer. So *fingers crossed* hehe...
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    [Minecraft] How to install & fully secure Multicraft control panel.

    Tutorial on how to install multicraft control panel (CentOS 6-64 bit) SSH into root and begin:   yum install nano   And disable SELinux: Code: setenforce 0   Installing MySQL 5:   To install MySQL, we do this:   Code: yum install mysql mysql-server   Then we create the system...