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    Starting my first website

    Is the fastest way to build a website using a content management system (CMS) ?  I'm not sure if I want to learn HTML the old fashioned way if using today's software can speed up the process and make the website appear more professional. 
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    What internet jobs are worth pursing?

    I don't mind what I do as long as I can travel while doing my job.  That has led me to the idea of getting a job on the internet.  Now, certain internet companies allow you to work from home.  But, those are exceptions and not the norm.  I was wondering what internet jobs are worth pursing?  On...
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    Are there any good Linux guides?

    I'm totally new to Linux and thinking about switching from Windows 7 to Linux Mint.  I know nothing about LInux and I find it challenging to do things that I normally do at Windows like click on icons to install software.  Most of the time from the instructions I come across, you need to know...
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    OpenVPN stops working, can't get it to restart

    My OpenVPN server stops working.  It doesn't show up on the list when I type: sudo netstat -taupen I tried restarting it with this command but no luck: sudo /etc/init.d/openvpn restart sudo service openvpn start My OpenVPN server has been idling for a while but other than that I didn't...
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    Windows Phone Security Apps

    I recently bought a windows phone and was wondering if there's any security apps for it. I've been told its virus-free for now but I really want to download some kind of firewall app. Or is it really hard to break into the mobile OS?
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    OpenVPN: Changing Ports

    OpenVPN was working fine until I needed to change ports from 1194 to 443. I changed the port number in the server.conf on my VPS and client files too. However the connection hangs but doesn't connect. The error messages I got from the logs in particular are these: tls key negotiation failed to...
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    Basic Linux Help Needed

    This is my files: [email protected]:/etc/openvpn/easy-rsa/keys# ls -server.crt  01.pem  dh1024.pem      index.txt.old  ta.key -server.csr  ca.crt  index.txt       serial -server.key  ca.key  index.txt.attr  serial.old [email protected]:/etc/openvpn/easy-rsa/keys# Trying to copy server.crt and server.key into...
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    Setting up IPTables rules

    I'm new to linux and recently installed Linux Mint on my computer.  On Windows 7, I have a very good firewall that I trust and use on all my computers.  As far as I know, for linux, the firewall is built into the system and we only have to set up these "ip tables" rules?  What kind of rules...