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    GreenValueHost becoming ColoCrossing, dumping providers, etc.

    The first notice to clients was sent on June 15, saying IP renumbering is going to take place on June 19.
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    ChicagoVPS global password reset? Hacked again?

    I have 2 account with them, 1 active and 1 inactive. Both passwords are not reset, I can login with the usual password.
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    New WHMCS exploit (10-18-2013)

    What is still broken? What does the "evil" lines do? Just changing to invalid license key or is there any other harm?
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    Spam/Replica Friendly Providers?

    Would not even open them, just mark and hit the spam button.
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    MR: Your interest in an Atom-powered dedicated server in Los Angeles?

    Darn 3TB disk... That is such a deal. How about reinstalls?
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    Your computer uptime?

    That sounds like you were dead and came back alive 13 days ago
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    Your computer uptime?

    I forgot to turn it off last night... So it has to stay up for another day...
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    [Beta Testers Needed] Open Offers System

    Suggestion for filtering: - Add filtering by region instead of country (Europe, Asia, West Coast, East Coast, etc.) - Add an option to filter SSD offers instead of HDD. Perhaps SSD-Cached as well.
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    Mandrill - Anyone using it?

    I've been using it for about 3 months because previously gmail always mark my emails as spam. Working great since then.
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    Sub-lease WHMCS License (Monthly) from EZPZhosting

    Hi VPSB, Recently I purchased a master reseller hosting package from The package included a WHMCS license that I do not need. I have confirmed with them that the license could be resold. I am thinking to sub-lease the license for $7. License has to be used within...
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    How to secure your wordpress blogs

    Softaculous nicely integrate Limit Login Attempts plugin with wordpress installations. Might save some seconds of your life. :D
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    512MB RAM 50GB DISK 2TB BW $15/yr | Native IPv6 | Crissic Solutions LLC

    Using ioping script. As shown by your posted serverbear link, low iops and varied latency. That is being limited? Have not really tested with real-world apps yet.
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    512MB RAM 50GB DISK 2TB BW $15/yr | Native IPv6 | Crissic Solutions LLC

    Yeah disk latency is pretty high, not so good for my databases. Still usable for something else, though. If disk issues could be solved I wouldn't mind getting few more boxes. Anyhow, couldn't complain for their support. First time I received a same minute response.
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    Your dumbest firewall rule

    This kind of "hardware" firewall, I am sure my servers are secure.
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    What are the specs of vpsBoard server?

    2x 256MB for 3000 avg. daily visitors, 25000 avg. daily pageviews? Crap, I really need to learn optimizations better.
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    PayPal Mistakenly Credits Delaware Man’s Account with $92 Quadrillion Dollars

    My father encountered a similar experience few years ago, with local bank though. He saw extra IDR (~ $100.000) on his account, but disappear few minutes later.
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    Pro-rated services

    Clients coming before 15th of the month (or whatever date you set) would feel like he's having a discount. On the contrary, clients after the set date would feel like he has to pay more than the advertised amount. Personally I'd rather pay small invoices several times than letting go a big...
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    what to do with this domain?

    Just copy-paste specifications from VPS providers, price, coupon, and add affiliate links. A picture worth a thousand words, so design the webpage in a way that is so much interesting that any reader would sign up under you.
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    MannDude has a job?

    He's saying that he works 10 times harder than any of you.