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    Earplugs... yep needed

    Alright, I officially have too many servers. A few poweredge HP servers, supermicro, etc. totally to 7 servers, sitting in my basement running 24x7. All have a raid array with minimum 4 drives. Setting up a new one right now (Poweredge) and tomorrow setting up a new firewall.. Could it get any...
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    Home internet speeds

    What are you guys running as for home internet speeds? On my shitty DSL line here I'm getting ~1.5mb/s down, 0.64kb/s up. I'm upgrading to Cable in the new few days, purchased 25mbps down unmetered for $54.50/month.
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    VPSAce hacked

    So it appears VPSAce got hacked. They put up a maintenance page but there used to be a deface page up there. Wanting to hear from the owners right now, waiting.....
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    IRC fuckups - did he really just do that?

    LOL, irc fuckups, well nice email account. * aw9989 ([email protected]) has joined #crytocc <aw9989>  /msg nickserv register * [email protected] * aw9989 ([email protected]) has left #crytocc   I suppose this is why you don't use the same password for...
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    Why the hate on Russia

    It seems a ton more hate on Russia recently, well I understand most of the malware, exploit kits, etc. originate from Russia, but if you look at the things Russia has done that isn't "evil" ... 1) Kaspersky Internet Security / Anti-Virus : Russian There is more, I just can't list them all on...
  6. R got hacked

    Unfortunately earlier this evening it would seem that our account ( was hacked. The person or persons who did the hacking may have had access to our whmcs support tickets and orders so if you have provided us with FTP access details in the past PLEASE CHANGE THESE...
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    SonicVPS hacked or just fucked up badly?

    Went to and the whole site is empty.
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    404 - rootkit not found

    I decided to write this little guide on destroying a nice ring3 rootkit, or at-least removing the most of it... BetaBot is malware created by someone named BetaMonkey on hackforums, well it is a nice rootkit malware, with a snazzy http panel, it's easy to kill. Login to your computer like...
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    Servers in unusual locations

    I'm looking for servers in un-usual "unique" locations, none of the US/UK stuff, some non-common locations. Offers?
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    ...and it's back

    Silkroad is back, roughly a month after it got seized. It's under a new address though, but it's gotten a ton of attention from the media. Thoughts?
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    Cheap Server (dedicated server)

    Looking to get a fairly cheap server here, any locations. It's going to be used for just development, testing, etc. Specs wanted: 4gb ram minimum, 200gb hdd minimum, 10tb bandwidth /29 100mbit port speed or 1gbit (1gbit preferred)
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    Your views on Blesta?

    I personally enjoy that they are not ashamed of their code, they release it 99.1% opensource just because they encode 3 files to protect their licensing, which is perfectly fine to me. The one dislike I have is I feel there is too little modules, for example I personally would like to see a BTC...
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    The Darkest Place on the Internet Isn’t Just for Criminals

    Post: Vile though their crimes may be, pedophiles and hit men have figured out something vital when it comes to communicating. Lots of them—the ones with any security sense—use a Darknet. These are networks of secretive websites that can’t be...
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    Blesta 3 Bitcoin Modules?

    I've been messing around with Blesta 3, however the one thing I can't find is a bitcoin module. Any modules out there for btc?
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    NSA Utah Datacenter goes up in flames Saw it this morning, laughed so hard. Thoughts? Technical glitches have sparked fiery explosions within the NSA's newest and largest data storage facility in Utah, destroying hundreds of thousands of...
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    CC is one of many businesses, and edge exposure

    I just couldn't help myself... (IIS 7)
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    Warning to hosting company providers - urge action taken

    This guy is currently going around to providers on LET and WHT, possibily VPSBoard (traced it back to LET mostly) and purcashing services to host his CP. Domain: "jaybeee" . * (current: name) (warning: graphic content, do not suggest visiting, urge you take action to terminate this customer if...
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    Miley Cyrus debate - should she be censored?

    Should miley cyrus be censored for her video "Wrecking ball." Or should we just continue to laugh at parodies like this one: Normally, you would be told your drunk and to go home, however if Miley can do it anyone can!
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    Bus an train collide in Canada

    I was close to the crash when it happened. I heard the police rushing to the crash sight.
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    Digging into the heart of lowendtalk/lowendbox/lowend*

    I was tossed this link by a good friend of mine, please stay on topic and do not de-rail this thread. [url-Snipped] It is a post all about lowendtalk and what they run, who is really in-charge of the servers, etc.