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    Check if a user is on a vpn / proxy

    I made a tool that allows admins see how likely an IP address is a proxy/VPN IP. The system returns a probabilistic value of how likely an IP address is a proxy / VPN. This should help forum admins, online shops, etc. If you have problems with people bypassing bans / trolls / fraud prevention...
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    XVMLabs 2 months review

    Provider: XVMLabs Location: QuadraNET in LA Purchase Date: May/11/2014 Specs: 512 MB of RAM 5 GB SSD 100 GB of monthly transfer @ 1 Gbps 1 CPU core 1 IPV4 2.87 USD / year (It's no longer available at this price) KiwiVM Panel Hardware & benchmarks: cat /proc/cpuinfo model name ...
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    Using uptimerobot's webhook with cloudflare to achieve HA (downtime no longer than ~6 minutes)

    The script - License: MIT<br> Dependencies: Web Server, PHP, php-curl lib   Setup: 1. I suggest you rename the php file to something obscure. 2. Add / change the global vars section. It consists of credentials and...
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    Test your server's upload and download speed

    wget 2>/dev/null -O- | bash or curl -s -o- | bash I decided to create a script that tests the server's download speed as well as upload. To me, this has been something that's long overdue and I'm surprised that no one has done it...