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  1. splitice

    X4B | Brazil Launch | 30% off for new customers

    X4B DDoS Protection is proud to announce the launch of DDoS mitigation services in São Paulo, Brazil. AS136165: The network Current PoPs: Amsterdam, Netherlands London, United Kingdom Los Angeles, CA, USA Dallas, TX, USA Ashburn, VA, USA Miami, FL, USA Tokyo, Japan Singapore...
  2. splitice

    X4B | Asian DDoS Protection | $14 for a Limited Time | TKO, SGP, AMS, LON, MIM, ASH, DAL, LAX

    X4B DDoS Protection is proud to announce to launch the first release our Premium Anycast DDoS Protection line focussing on protection in the underserved Asia market. AS136165: The network Current PoPs: Amsterdam, Netherlands London, United Kingdom Los Angeles, CA, USA Dallas, TX, USA...
  3. splitice

    vpsBoard's Future

    I'm very glad to see that VPSBoard is back. I've missed it ever so. I must admit it always worries me when a forum is owned by people with possibly conflicting interests. That said I have nothing against the KnownHost guys and hope they will do a good job. I wish you luck in the challenge of...
  4. splitice

    X4B | Anycast DDoS Protection | Beta Testers Required (FREE for 2 months)

    X4B DDoS Protection is proud to announce that we are almost ready to launch our next generation Anycast DDoS Protection product. We are seeking your help and feedback. The terms, how do I enrol? Shoot me a PM or Reply here and I'll add you to the list. Once there is a slot available. I will...
  5. splitice

    [X4B] BGP Launch: 35% Off • From $6.50/month • 6 Locations • Remote DDoS Protection • Up to 1.5Tbps

    X4B is an Australian Registered Company (ABN: 56829648376). Our aim is to provide high quality services with unique features without a high price tag. A 5-day trial is available for many locations (Terms and Conditions do apply). We offer our services in Chicago, New Jersey, Las Vegas...
  6. splitice

    BGP (GRE) Tunnel w/ and w/o DDoS Protection

    We spoke with someone interested in protection in the Dallas area a few weeks ago was this you? If so unfortunately your budget was too small. We can offer protection in the Dallas area, with or without BGP announcement. However at our pricing level its not feasible to offer phone support...
  7. splitice

    Mr. Robot - New TV Show from the TV Channel USA

    I've been purposefully avoiding any threads or news regarding this show, OMG this episode was so freaking awesome (I barely had an inkling!).
  8. splitice

    vpsBoard is now adsBoard

    On the topic of ads, IMHO the banner ad at the top has always felt spammy - particularly when animated. I know ends have to be met, but thats my opinion. I've long since ad-blocked it (and I don't mind the companies being advertised, it may even be useful). @MannDude if renewal comes through...
  9. splitice

    ARM has legs. Real world use.

    Nope. Not Happening. Primary Reasons: 1. Time is Money, and my i7 laptop is barely fast enough as it is. 2. Lack of support. There is a general lack of binaries already compiled for ARM. Photoshop? Visual Studio? etc
  10. splitice

    ARM has legs. Real world use.

    A different price bracket though... The XU4 is $75 USD + Shipping. Ends up costing a bit more too if they don't do your power plug since you will likely want to source one locally.
  11. splitice

    ARM has legs. Real world use.

    NDA,,, But I can say we do some pretty heavy computer vision processing on them. :) It's quite a challenge to get them to run on any form of POE, they draw quite a bit of power. Around 3.25A idle, up to ~4A under load (USB devices can probably bring it higher). Theoretical max output of...
  12. splitice

    ARM has legs. Real world use.

    I have 4 ODROID XU4's for one of my projects. Great hardware, as long as you dont mind the heat. One of my current projects is getting them to run over POE+, with their 5V4A (20W) requirements.
  13. splitice

    BitCoin in the hosting industry case study... who wants to partake?

    Sucker. Thats just what the banks want you to think! I made 6000% ROI last week.
  14. splitice

    The 1 Million Euro Custom Ubuntu Kernel

    A company of that size has lawyers who should have advised them on Trademark matters. I'm guessing they might rename it. Obuntu? as in O(vh)buntu :P
  15. splitice

    ColoCrossing threatens to sue vpsBoard

    While I hope and personally think this will amount to nothing, Its never fun to be threatened with legal action. Just remember there is no substitute for actual legal advice, see a solicitor or a legal advice clinic. With a solicitor, it shouldn't be that expensive (all things considered) to...
  16. splitice

    55% off L.A Asia Optimised DDoS Protection

    Hi All! We're pleased to announce a new L.A 100Gbps location at extremely affordable pricing. 100Gbps protection Asia optimised protection from $7! Limited Time only, pick one up before they run out, this discount wont be seen again! You won't regret it! Offer Order Now Notes...
  17. splitice

    Telia Packet Loss

    Heads Up. To anyone noticing issues connecting / PL between US and Europe. We are currently seeing issues with Telia (most notably between London and NY, although some other links look affected too). Its been going on for about a half hour. This looks something like this in a MTR:      ...
  18. splitice

    ColoCrossing threatens to sue vpsBoard

    I still contract for a University, no way this would have made it through ethics here either.
  19. splitice

    Limited time UK Offshore VPS - DMCA ignored

    DMCA Ignored is code for Copyright abuse ignored. One could argue that abusing DMCA actually makes Copyright abuse legal under the right circumstances. Intention > Technicalities in my view. And one can assume the intent of this post is to infer a safe harbour for iffy sites, of which the UK...
  20. splitice

    Raspberry PI 3 Now Launched!

    I got mine last week, I still prefer the ODROID-XU4 though (of which I now have 4 sitting on my desk). Its useful however for applications that dont need as much power, or where the fan noise would be problematic.