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    "true cloud" providers

    So say I'm lazy (and I am!) and want high availability without having to do it myself.  Seems like "the cloud" is my answer, but not all clouds are created equal so I'm having a tough time identifying providers. So who are the "true cloud" providers, which to me means at the very least they...
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    "free -m" on KVM VPS

    I have a 512MB KVM VPS, and "free -m" shows a different number each time I reboot it.  Here's the latest run: total used free shared buffers cached Mem: 479 59 420 0 8 26 -/+ buffers/cache: 23...
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    Which deal to keep?

    This message got way longer than I originally intended it to be!  So a short TL;DR version: Which deal would you keep, assuming both are more than adequate for your needs? And the long post with all the details: So a month or two ago I signed up with Wholesale internet for this deal...