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    What's your flat file blog of choice?

    The news manager plugin functions fairly well as a blog.  At least for my usage, which admittedly isn't "regularly updated".
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    Computer chairs. What do you recommend?

    I would also recommend standing.  Started with a Standesk 2200 several weeks ago to make sure I'd be able to tolerate it, and will be looking into something adjustable like that Ergotron in the near future.
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    Quarterly vpsBoard newsletter/update

    I feel special because I got 3 emails, not 2 :)
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    Gmail Trick

    I've always loved this "feature".  I have [email protected], and 99.9% of my spam comes in as [email protected] (no period), so I setup a filter to auto-delete anything missing the period and voila, I have a spam free inbox!
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    Searching for a simple CMS

    I use GetSimple, and it may meet all your requirements: Data is stored in multiple XML files I don't know about security track record as I only found it recently (when I found it I did some quick searching and only came across one reference to a security problem, but I admit I didn't spend...
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    Is there any easy way to do this? (Netflix)

    I don't know where you work or what you do there, so maybe this isn't a concern, but working around a policy they've put in place like this would be a fireable offense at some workplaces.
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    Bitcoin reaches 1k for the first time

    Yeah, I wish I'd thrown $100 at it back when it was under < $10/BTC.  But let's say I bought at $3, meaning I'd be buying roughly 33 BTC, which would be worth roughly $33,000 today.  It's still not clear to me how I'd get that money out though.  Will any exchanges wire me that amount all at...
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    New WHMCS Exploit

    In their defense, if these exploits are all in old code then anything they learn now won't help fix code they wrote days/months/years ago.
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    Best way to copy DNS from one provider to another (CF to RS)

    You don't like them because you're locked out, or did you have service issues with CF?  I was using Point until a couple weeks ago, but after the buyout figured I better get out before they get rid of the free plan (which I just got an email about this morning -- totally saw that...
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    "true cloud" providers

    datarealm: I saw your ads on WHT when I was searching earlier.  Searching for your company name just brings up your ads without much discussion threads -- are you still new and not used by many clients yet? serverian: Yeah I don't need multi datacenter redundancy, was just curious since I was...
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    "true cloud" providers

    So say I'm lazy (and I am!) and want high availability without having to do it myself.  Seems like "the cloud" is my answer, but not all clouds are created equal so I'm having a tough time identifying providers. So who are the "true cloud" providers, which to me means at the very least they...
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    Whats your home connection speed?

    For that price, 250GB.  For an extra $30/mo you can upgrade to unlimited, which I did for several months while seeding crashplan backups to multiple off-site locations.  Don't need it anymore so just cancelled yesterday actually. And it's worth noting that's a 2 year contract price (70% off, so...
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    Whats your home connection speed?

    150/10 for $35/mo
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    "free -m" on KVM VPS

    Looks like that may have been it.  After doing an rmmod virtio_balloon it went up to 495 and stopped fluctuating.  Adding virtio_balloon to blacklist.conf and rebooting also shows 495 without fluctuation (so far anyway).  Still not the 512 I was expecting to see, but it's better than seeing 414...
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    "free -m" on KVM VPS

    That's funny, because I was going to link to that to say this isn't a "linux ate my ram" problem! I'm not complaining about the used/free values...I understand how cache works.  What I don't understand is why the TOTAL amount of memory available is fluctuating.  Since this is a 512MB VPS, I...
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    "free -m" on KVM VPS

    So that doesn't get accounted for in the "used" column, it's directly deducted from the "total"? Also it looks like it changes over time, not just after a reboot.  Looked again after a few minutes and it went from 479 to 492.
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    "free -m" on KVM VPS

    I have a 512MB KVM VPS, and "free -m" shows a different number each time I reboot it.  Here's the latest run: total used free shared buffers cached Mem: 479 59 420 0 8 26 -/+ buffers/cache: 23...
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    Credit Cards

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    Which deal to keep?

    HalfEatenPie, it's $59/mo for the server, and not a problem on the day-to-day.  And actually I guess that's a good way to look at it.  I was leaning towards the VPS because it's a great deal, and cheaper, but if I don't really need cheaper then why worry about that detail. wlanboy, I completely...
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    Which deal to keep?

    shovenose, any reason why? vanarp, yes there's still some room to grow on the VPS.  I host several sites using a memory hungry CMS, but am still only around 2.5/4 GB used.  HD/CPU/Bandwidth wise I don't use anywhere near the limits. And yes, hardware issues are one concern, although I was...