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    What is c panel used for

    C Panel is an excellent choice for website management because it is included in all hosting packages. A C panel is used to manage some of the areas of the website, like It is used to manage some of the website files for the organization. As you can easily backup your Cpanel account. It is also...
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    How to choose the right SSL certificate for your website?

    When purchasing an SSL certificate, website owners and operators need to evaluate many questions before selecting an proper ssl certificate for your websit. Well as we all know there are countless option for SSL certificate but the characteristics off ssl certificate are different. Well you have...
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    How to buy a domain name?

    Still, stuck between how to buy a domain name and how to get it? Well, say bye totally to that query as we have brought you a well-acknowledged answer to this question. Let gets know about it in the five simple steps. 1. Look for a perfect domain registrar -Nowadays, every hosting provider is...
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    Difference Between linux and Wordpress Hosting

    Well, there is confusion between these two hosting types & I am trying to strike out this confusion. Comparison Cost - In case of cost, wordpress hosting is costlier as compared to Linux hosting as the add-on plugins make the bill hefty. But in the case of Linux hosting, as per the price, you...
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    VPS vs Wordpress Hosting

    Hello webmasters, We have seen so far there have been many queries have arisen on the internet regarding the hosting services of VPS and Wordpress hosting; many of them still do think that both of the hosting services almost perform the same. Well, the answer is no; although Wordpress is...