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    Seafile RAM usage in a VPS

    I'm planning to use Seafile (PRO version for 3 users) in a small VPS but with decent storage (128MB RAM, 40GB storage). Does anybody have any experience running Seafile in such a low memory enviroment. Most probably I will be running besides the seafile server the following services: openvpn...
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    VestaCP DKIM setup using external DNS

    Currently I'm trying to setup a VPS with VestaCP My current setup is: Domain name: Main dns: VPS 1 ( CentOS 6.5 - 32bit VPS 2 ( CentOS 6.5 - 32bit My problem: The main VPS ( is not passing the DKIM test's and all...
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    VestaCP error when sending email with thunderbird

    Hello, I have a small issue with VestaCP, not sure if you have had the same problem before. I'm trying to send email with thunderbird as my email client, the message I'm getting its the following: An error occurred while sending mail. The mail server responded: Helo name contains a ip address...
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    Anyone has experience with Account Lab Plus

    Hello does anybody have some experience with Account Lab Plus from netenberg. Im considering it as an alternative to boxbilling, mostly for technical support and basic billing. My main biz is tech support but im looking for an upgrade instead of Excel and an access db. I already tested...
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    DrMike what happen to him.

    Does anybody know what happen to DrMike (drmikesteakdinner) from the old LEB/LET community, I know he quit the community a long time ago, but it would be interesting to see if he came to this one. What's your opinion?
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    PHP framework for development

    Currently I'm trying to decide which PHP framework would be better to use for all my future projects, my top requirements are: The framework needs to be lightweight (so it can run in a LEB) ORM is a plus Clean URL i18n support MVC compliant So far my list has been reduced to the following...