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    phpMyAdmin and roundcube web mail error - Cant log in

    Im having an issue logging into the roundcube and phpmyadmin. I get an error just shows up with code. I run Centos6 on my VPS. I cant pin point the problem. here are some screenshots of the errors: phpMyAdmin:  roundcube:  I forgot about this: Mysql: 
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    Centos-Webpanel - Apache page shows up for all domains

    Hey everyone. Long story short i installed Centos web panel. Its amazing so far. This is my second time installing it as i messed something up the first time, first time i was able to change the apache template in each directory itself and it would change. Now i cant...I...
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    SOA DNS error help

    I have an OpenVZ unmanaged VPS. Installed the control panel, LAMP stack, have the DNS and domains on the new nameservers(showing up if you go to the domains) But when i run a pingdom check i have an SOA error. Was reading that it is probably a reverse DNS issue... This is the responses I ended...