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  1. William

    host1plus / DIGITAL ENERGY TECHNOLOGIES - Premium IP hoarding (proof inside)

    Afrinic today revoked most of this ranges after 6 yours of court cases up to the Mauritius high court. I expect Host1plus aka Heficed to be bankruot within the next few weeks.
  2. William

    host1plus / DIGITAL ENERGY TECHNOLOGIES - Premium IP hoarding (proof inside)

    Seems the "Verison" stuff was deeper than i thought, considering Host1Plus (which now also does ads here lol) was/is the main (mostly even sole, yea i admit i rather unknowingly sold some prefixes as well, as did others) supplier of Methbot...
  3. William

    ColoCrossing threatens to sue vpsBoard

    not like they have a case (or rather not further than 1-2 court instances), but same :)
  4. William

    Free IPv6 BGP Tunnel

    No one does. closed, i have no capacity on my nodes, netassist takes weeks to reply/update filters - HE is the only useful one. Some offer it with cheap VPS however, like Clouvider, Hostigation and VStoike.
  5. William

    host1plus / DIGITAL ENERGY TECHNOLOGIES - Premium IP hoarding (proof inside)

    Would have posted on LET but they probably ban me for it... So, here is our all time favourite ZA/BR host host1plus - which also advertises here - sort of exposed as *THE* IP hoarder in the market. Everytime i tried to post this or similar as comment under a LEB post from them it got deleted...
  6. William

    The pets thread

    i have cat... name makes no sense as he is deaf anyway.
  7. William

    Proxmox HA, how to configure common IPs for VPSs?

    You can't - For real HA you need either the IPs available on all nodes (so same DC and VLAN) or use internal IPs and a router instance on each location.
  8. William

    Crissic has been acquired by Quadranet

    1 month is not reasonable for IP leasing - Even the worst sellers have 3 months cancellation notice.
  9. William

    Cannot post from Firefox - Can post from Safari?

    Resolved - Disabling and enabling adblock+ (which was disabled for vpsboard anyway) fixed it. Strange.
  10. William

    Mr. Robot - New TV Show from the TV Channel USA

    Spoiler... only read if you have seen E09 already.
  11. William

    Cannot post from Firefox - Can post from Safari?

    If i try to post from FF i click into the "Reply to this topic..." box and nothing happens - If i click multiple times it just selects the text, but it does not open the editor: From Safari everything works fine. I already deleted cookies and logged in again, deleted all cache for *vpsboard*...
  12. William

    Unusual Request Location - Ethiopia

    haha, no, that won't happen - 1Mbit BW (~330GB) costs around 40$ (yes, USD, not some strange African currency) so your request would be easily 80$ for BW alone, count in that Ethopia is under UN sanctions (for being repressive police state dictatorship, one of the worst in the world, usually...
  13. William

    BGP Tunnel Central US (or KVM VPS)

    Central US - Like Dallas? I have nodes in both Dallas and CHI - 100Mbit BW at my upstream costs ~100$ in Dallas and ~150$ in CHI (if you want to be able to do traffic engineering by communities and plan to disable HE/Cogent, else i can go  a bit cheaper) BGP communities available (IPv4 and...
  14. William

    I need VPS - $15 montly/200 GB/Unlimited Bandwidth/Windows

    OP must be crazy lol Windows license alone costs the ISP 8$ - Now you also want 1.5GB RAM *AND* 200GB disk for 7$ along with 10TB+ (which are 33Mbit and cost the ISP AT LEAST 10$ alone) BW? Not going to happen. Never. Anywhere. Not even on Contabo. There is a reason why Contabo has bad...
  15. William Closing as of September 1, 2015

    1.: Open Company 2.: Sign up for ARIN 3.: Sell cheap VPS without any contracts 4.: Acquire more ARIN space 5.: Cancel said VPS after a few months 6.: Sell said IP space at 7$+ per IP, or 6$ when you are desperate 7.: ????? 8.: Move to Hawaii No, like, seriously, who did not expect that...
  16. William

    IP6.IM - Free IPv6 Tunnel service, Free /44 IPv6 space for BGP/Announce

    Hello, I'd like to introduce you to a new project I pull up with a few partner ISPs - We currently offer a few free services: - IPv6 address assignments for announce in any datacenter/ISP: Get up to a /44 (16 /48) for announce in any datacenter (check non-inclusive list of recommended/tested...
  17. William

    Vps webhosts that allow .onion (tor) sites?

    Sure, and puts you on one level with Iran, China and Afghanistan - Is that what you want? It's also useless - Bridge nodes are not listed either and can be obtained from Torproject to connect to.
  18. William

    Vps webhosts that allow .onion (tor) sites?

    Again, also for you: Stop spreading stuff you have no idea about. Onion hosts DO NOT SHOW UP IN THE TOR DIRECTORY AND ARE NOT VISIBLE FROM THE INTERNET - THEY DO NOT GO INTO ANY "TOR" BLACKLIST OR SIMILAR.
  19. William

    Vps webhosts that allow .onion (tor) sites?

    No one can know you host onion sites in a VPS - Just get a KVM VPS with anyone and do it there. Please stop spreading things you have no idea about, Middle nodes and Internal servers are not visible from the internet at all and untraceable to any ISP, thus there is no risk involved at all.